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1. Manzar Takes First Place in Abboud Poster Session
2. UI Named as 1 of 13 Universities Investing Heavily in 3D Printing
3. Iowa Flood Center Installs 50 new Stream Sensors
4. Kirkwood to Offer Tours of Manufacturing Facilities in the Area
5. AIChE to Offer Afternoon of Engineering Activities with a Halloween Twist
6. LEED Green Associate Training Course to be Offered November 2
7. Events for the Coming Weeks
8. Alumni: Where Are They Now
9. About E/Week

1. Manzar Takes First Place in Abboud Poster Session

Gohar Manzar, a doctoral student in biomedical engineering, has taken first place in the 40th anniversary Abboud International poster session. Manzar's poster was titled "An Epigenetic Modifer Enhances the Differentiation of Human iPS cells from a Type I Diabetic Patient into Pancreatic ? cells.

Manzar received $1,000 for the honor.  Her mentor is Nicholas Zavazava, MD, PhD, in UI Internal Medicine.

The symposium recognizes Francois M. Abboud, MD, UI professor of internal medicine and holds the Edith King Pearson Chair of Cardiovascular Research.
For more on Manzar, go to http://thegazette.com/2010/10/30/engineering-prodigies-among-few-enrolled-at-u-of-i.

2. UI Named As 1 of 13 Universities Investing Heavily in 3D Printing

The University of Iowa has been named as one of 13 US universities that are investing heavily in 3D printing by Inside 3DP (http://www.inside3dp.com/), an on line source that provides valuable information to individuals and business communities about the different aspects of 3D printing.

The article singles out Ibrahim Ozbolat, assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering and co-director of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group (AMTech) at the UI Center for Computer-Aided Design (CCAD), stating in a HuffPost Live interview this week that he believes bioprinting can be used to create currently nonexistent organs that could improve the human body’s functionality and perhaps even generate electricity within the human body to power electronic implants such as Pacemakers. Ozbolat and his team at AMTech have conducted various other bioprinting research projects.

To access the article and the other schools mentioned, go to http://www.inside3dp.com/13-universities-investing-heavily-3d-printing/.

For more on the College of Engineering's 3D printer capabilities, go to http://www.engineering.uiowa.edu/tags/3d-printer.

3. Iowa Flood Center Installs 50 new Stream Sensors

This fall, the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) at the University of Iowa, in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, will expand the IFC’s sensor network by installing 50 new stream stage sensors across the state, bringing the ability to better watch waterways to more communities.

The newest batch of sensors will result in a total of over 200 IFC sensors across the state.

Iowa Flood Center staff engineer Dan Ceynar and a group of students will install the sensors on the downstream side of bridges across Iowa over the next several weeks. Once they’re in place, the sensors monitor the water elevation by emitting an electronic pulse that measures the distance between the bridge and the water.

Measurements at each sensor are made every 15 minutes, and the sensor data is available to the public on the Iowa Flood Information System website.

“The first set of 50 IFC sensors were installed across the state in 2010 and provided valuable information to help Iowans prepare for and respond to rising river levels,” says IFC director Witold Krajewski. “We continue to work closely with local officials and coordinators to find locations where additional sensors are most beneficial.”

When a flood is imminent, the IFC sensors provide an invaluable way for emergency managers, local officials, and the general public to view stream levels and prepare for rising water levels, he says.

“The IFC stream stage sensors provide valuable real-time information about water levels, allowing Iowans to be better informed and prepared for future flooding. We believe this extra measure of preparedness can save property, resources, and lives,” Krajewski says.

The Iowa Flood Center is part of IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering, a research institute focusing on fluids-related research, based at the UI College of Engineering.

4. Kirkwood to Offer Tours of Manufacturing Facilities in the Area

Kirkwood Community College, in collaboration with the Advanced Manufacturing Sector Board, presents the Advancing the Future tour of area manufacturing facilities throughout the Corridor from Oct. 20-23.

According to Iowa's Advanced Manufacturing Consortium, there are more than 208,000 manufacturing jobs in the state. In 2011, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported the average manufacturing worker earned $77,060 annually, including pay and benefits. Yet a shortage of 6,672 skilled workers is projected by 2018.

Most of the 19 manufacturers participating are located in Cedar Rapids; however, tours will take place in North Liberty's Centro, Coralville's Integrated DNA, Kinze Manufacturing in Williamsburg and Bazooka Farmstar and Modine Manufacturing in Washington.

Advancing the Future is free and open to the public. Tours will start approximately every 30 minutes during each company's specified time frame, unless otherwise noted on the tour schedule posted on the aforementioned website. No advance reservation is required. Some companies have safety requirements.

This year's Advancing the Future event will conclude with a job fair on Thursday, October 24, from 4-7 p.m. Oct. 24 in Jones Hall on Kirkwood's main campus. The fair will give job seekers the opportunity to learn about and apply for positions at 12 area-manufacturing companies.

Visit www.kirkwood.edu/advancingfuture for a complete list of participants, tour schedule and safety requirements.

5. AIChE to Offer Afternoon of Engineering Activities with a Halloween Twist

The student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers will offer an afternoon of engineering activities with a Halloween twist on November 2, 1-4 p.m., at the Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences.  Children ages K-5 are welcome to participate.  Cost is $15 for one child and $10 per child for any groups of 3 or more registered.

To register, email Anna Rawerts at anna-rawerts@uiowa.edu.

6. LEED Green Associate Training Course to Be Offered November 2

Interested in getting involved in the Green Building Industry? Opportunities are plentiful in the field of sustainable design and LEED is at its forefront.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is simply a green-rating point system, or a scorecard. The more energy efficient and sustainable a building is, the more points it will earn. To date, this course and its materials have proven to be instrumental in helping over 1500 students pass their respective exam at 100% pass rate. This course is offered at a quarter of the price and time as the competition and is geared at allowing students to graduate with letters after their name!

Just as buildings can be LEED certified, people in the sustainable construction industry can become LEED Professionals. The LEED Green Associate (GA) credential is the only entry level sustainability designation and shows employers and clients that you have certified knowledge in the green building industry. A new LEED rating system (v4) was introduced last month and this training course is one of the few that has been updated to teach the current rating system.

The course will include a study guide, charts and mock exams; an in-depth overview of LEED including all topics covered on the exam and a focus on heavily-weighted topics; and instructions on how to register, prepare and pass the LEED GA exam.

This course meets the exam's eligibility requirements and the USGBC charges a $200 fee for the actual exam which can be taken any time at the nearest Prometric center. Cost: $300 ($200 for full-time students) To register for the class, please visit: http://leadinggreen.ca/UIowa.


7. Events for the Upcoming Weeks

October 22 – Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Conversation, 2:00 p.m., and 2:30 p.m., 3124 Seamans Center.  Students interested in learning more about the chemical and biochemical engineering program, are invited to attend.

October 22 -- Library Xpress Class on Compendex, 3:30 p.m., 2001C Seamans Center.  Fifteen minute class on Compendex, a bibliographic database that covers 120 years of science and technical engineering research.  Learn how to mine millions of citations and abstracts from thousands of engineering journals and conference proceedings.

October 23 -- Institute of Industrial Engineers Meeting, 5:00 p.m., 3505 Seamans Center.

October 25 – Riverwalk Clean-Up, 9-11 a.m., Main Library Parking Lot.  Volunteers will clean up sidewalks and accessible riverbanks along the west side of the Iowa River.  Register online at www.iihr.uiowa.edu/iowa-river-clean-up-registration.

October 30 – 45th Annual Kurtz Lecture, MacBride Hall.  Lucy Pao, professor electrical and computer engineering at the University of Colorado-Boulder will present, “Controlled wind turbines to reduce the cost of wind energy and to increase utility grid reliability.”

November 6 – Information session on 2015 Study Abroad Summer Program in Italy.


8. Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Mohamed Elkhair (BSE 2011 chemical engineering) is a system engineer with Exelon Nuclear, Morris, IL.

Anne Buchele (BSE 2009 civil engineering) is a planner with Walt Disney World.


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