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A Brief History of Chemical Engineering at The University of Iowa
A Degree in Biomedical Engineering
A letter to international students
A. Allen Bradley, Jr.
A. Jacob Odgaard
ABET Accreditation (BME)
ABET Accreditation (MIE)
About Engineering Computer Services (ECS)
About Engineering Electronics Shop (EES)
About Engineering Machine Shop (EMS)
About Ethnic Inclusion
About the Director, Tonya Peeples
About Tom & Nancy Hanson
Academic Standing, Probation, Dismissal, Review Procedures, and Policy on Academic Misconduct
Account Information
Account Services and Identity Management
Achievements in Ethnic Inclusion
Activity Summaries
Additional Information
Addressing National Issues
Adjunct Faculty (CBE)
Adjunct Faculty (CEE)
Admission for the CBE Graduate Program
Admitted Spring 2015 or earlier GEC Requirements
Adrianus Korpel
Advanced Manufacturing Resources at the College of Engineering
Advising (CBE)
Advising and Program Planning
Advisory Board (ECE)
Advisory Board Membership
Affiliated Faculty (BME)
Ahmet Selcuk Uzuner
Albert Ratner
Alec B. Scranton
Allen S. Henry Chair in Engineering
Alumni and Friends
Alumni Reception, April 13, 2016, Minneapolis, MN
Alumni Reception, March 24, Denver, CO
Alumni Volunteer Opportunities
Amaury Lendasse
Amy S Brainard
Ananya Sen Gupta
Anat Levtov
Andreas Wahle
Andres Martinez
Andrew Christ
Andrew Craig
Andrew Kusiak
Andrew L Veit
Andrew Taylor
Anith Mathai
ANSYS Customer Number
Anthony Kluth
Anton Kruger
Applying for a degree
April Tippett
Arbor Press
Archibald A. Alexander
Areas of Research (BME)
Areas of Research (ECE)
Articles and Newsletters
Arts and Engineering Collaboration Faculty Advisory Board
Arunkumar Pennathur
Audrey A Butler
AV Support
Avery L. Bang
Awards & Recognition
Awards for Alumni and Friends
Awards for Faculty, Staff and Students