Ethnic Inclusion

Richard GonzalezRichard Gonzalez

Ph.D. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering             May 2015



After 5 years of Ph.D. studies at UI, it was hard to leave behind Iowa, what became my new home. My experience as a Ph.D. student was phenomenal since UI gave me much more than I was expecting. At Ethnic Inclusion we became a family, and together we supported each other at classes and provided voluntary services to the community. Because of this, today I am a more prepared engineer thanks to UI and Ethnic Inclusion.

     Edgard Verdugo

Ph.D. in  Civil and Environmental Engineering

May 2015



                                              My graduate research investigated disinfection byproduct formation and environmental fate and transport of carbon nanotubes that undergo chemical oxidation. During my time at the University of Iowa , I  also participated as a tutor for the Multi-ethnic Engineering and Science Association’s tutoring program and was awarded the Archie A. Alexander Outstanding Scholarship Award. 

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Aribet De JesúsAribet De Jesús

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, May 2016


I began my graduate studies in biomedical engineering at the University of Iowa in the Fall of 2011. Coming from the small, tropical island of Puerto Rico, my first months in Iowa were mainly spent trying to acclimate to the drastic weather changes and adjusting to living far from my family and friends. But the charm of Iowa City, my fascination with my research project , and my involvement with Ethnic Inclusion quickly helped me adjust and find a warm, welcoming place, and a supportive group of people. Being a part of Ethnic Inclusion has not only given me the chance to connect with many great people and to find a support system, but has also allowed me to give back to others. Through organizations such as EI, MESA, and SHPE I have had the rewarding experience of sharing my passion for science with a younger generation, and helping to motivate others to pursue studies in STEM. Thanks to Ethnic Inclusion I have become a better, more socially conscious engineer.








Ruben Llamas

 Ph.D in Electrical &Computer Engineering

May 2015

I am  a highly motivated scientist with a wide range of experience in electromagnetics, antenna modeling and design, and engineering. As a University of Iowa’s graduate student , my daily activities included designing systems, experimentation, writing for publications and field work.My research experience at The University of Iowa included design, theoretical validation using simulation tools, development, construction, and testing of antennas for biological applications to form an underwater wireless sensor networks.  I also participated on several major projects including the Iowa Flood Studies and NASA GPM campaign in eastern Iowa. 




Jaqueline Pereira da Silva

PhD. Industrial Engineering, In Progress 


I am  a Ph.D. student in Industrial Engineering from Brazil. While living in Brazil, Ireceived her B.S. in Industrial Design and subsequently started her career as a designer for a Brazilian bus manufacturer before making her way to the University of Northern Iowa to pursue a Master's degree in Industrial Technology. During my time at  UNI, I also worked for Deere Waterloo Works, where I got to apply the theory learned in the classroom.

In addition to being a full time student,I am  also a teaching assistant for the Human Factors class with Dr. Pennathur. Jaqueline’s research interests involve cognitive engineering, human factors, and healthcare. I  also have a passion for socializing, traveling, and getting to know different cultures.

 The University of Iowa’s industrial engineering program, with its outstanding research opportunities, excellent faculty, and advanced facilities, always came large in my mind.  In my search for a suitable graduate program, I was thrilled to learn that the College of Engineering has a specific dedicated human factors focus area that aligns perfectly with my  study ambitions and aspirations.