Study Abroad

Planning for your education experiences abroad

It is never too early to start thinking about preparing for an international experience. It will take time to establish the where, when, what, and how of traveling abroad. It also will take time to obtain required documents, complete necessary paperwork, and make arrangements for the departure and return. The following steps are important part of planning your study abroad experience. If you are unsure of where you would like to study, check out the Study Abroad Course Equivalencies to see where other students have studied in the recent past.

Step I. Review the Study Abroad web site and then visit their office

There are a number of study abroad opportunities for engineering students which are sponsored or co-sponsored by The University of Iowa. Students may participate in an established program or custom design their own study abroad program. The Office for Study Abroad centralizes all UI students information about the programs abroad, both Iowa-sponsored and other; selected scholarships; credit transfer, both before and after the session abroad; and orientation for students planning to study abroad. The Office for Study Abroad is located in the University of Iowa Capitol Center, across the street from the Seamans Center. The Study Abroad Resource Room is staffed by peer advisers who have previously studied abroad. The Resource room has shelves of information on studying abroad, internships, work and volunteer programs abroad. The room also has computers that are available to look up web pages and/or email other universities' programs. The Resource Room is open Monday-Friday from 8-5. No appointments are necessary. Tel. (319) 335-0353.

Step II. Notify the Student Development Center of your interest to Study Abroad

Contact Phil Jordan, Director of Professional Development, to assist you in planning for your study abroad experience, To set-up a meeting with Phil, stop in the Student Development Center, 3124 SC or call (319) 335-5763.

Step III. Get your transfer credit approved

Once you have determined where you will go it is important to begin selecting courses that you will take while are studying abroad. To begin the process of selecting courses, visit the web site of the university you will be studying at and look for courses that are related to your engineering requirements (engineering core, EFA electives, general education, etc.). When you are reviewing course descriptions, find course titles and descriptions that are closely aligned with the descriptions listed on ISIS. Save these courses descriptions into a word document.

Go to our study abroad course equivalency site to see which courses have been transferred in the past and from what institution. This offers you a chance to see which institutions offer the courses you need and if the courses you want to take will be transferred to the University of Iowa. This site is being updated continuously so it is important to check it often. If you do now see a course or institution listed that you are interested in, please set up an appointment with Megan Allen.

When you are ready to have your courses evaluated for Study Abroad, you should set-up a meeting with your faculty adviser. All course work will be evaluated prior to your study aboard experience. During this meeting, you should submit course descriptions for each course you intend to take while abroad, including alternates, along with a completed College of Engineering Study Abroad Transfer Credit Agreement. All coursework that is to be applied towards your BSE degree requires adviser and departmental approval. General Education coursework is approved by the Student Development Center. Any courses that you are planning to apply towards a minor or second major will require approval from those respective departments.

Note: Selecting a study abroad program is an important academic decision. We strongly encourage you to consult with your academic adviser(s) to help you identify courses that you should take while studying abroad. You should be aware that the application of credits toward major requirements is a departmental decision and all courses must be approved and in the Academic Info & Forms Managers Office prior to your traveling abroad.

Step IV. Complete a Study Abroad Credit Approval Form through the Office of Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Credit Approval Form is available from the Study Abroad Office and is to be completed by you and signed by the Student Records Manager. This form constitutes as an agreement that specifies courses taken abroad (assuming you successfully complete the work) will satisfy specific major/minor/certificate/general education program requirements at the University of Iowa. It also specifies how the credit (transfer or resident) and grades will appear on your UI transcript. The Study Abroad Credit Approval Forms may be obtained by the study abroad adviser. Remember, an Engineering Study Abroad Transfer Credit Agreement Form is also required on file with the Student Records Manager, see Step IV.

Note: While you are studying abroad, if you have to change your schedule of approved courses, you should contact the Student Records Manager immediately. Include a course description and an explanation as to how you would like the credit hours of the new course applied towards your degree, i.e. substitution for a specific engineering course (057:010 or 059:009), EFA elective, lower or upper level general education requirement.

Study Abroad Course Listings/Equivalencies

To make your visit to another institution as smooth as possible, make sure that the courses you want to take will be transferable to the University of Iowa. To look at a current listing of courses previously approved for Engineering students please use the following tool:

Select the Country in which you would like to study abroad, then select the institution where you would like to study at. There will be a listing of courses that have been previously approved.

Choose a country

If you know what institution you are going to, please see what courses have previously transferred by selecting the institution below.

Select your institution

If the listings do not include the course or institution that you are searching for, it could be because the course in question has never been taken before. Find the course syllabus or description of the course you are wanting to take and bring it to Megan Allen.