International Engineering Opportunities -- Study Abroad Programs

As a future engineer, you will be competing in a new global economy. You must not only be technologically competent, but also internationally aware. There are a number of study abroad programs that are sponsored or co-sponsored by The University of Iowa, as well as many other established programs in which the university's students may participate. Students also may custom design their own abroad program.

The following offices are important resource centers for information about degree-credit study abroad opportunities:

Travel the World (Wide Web)

These Web pages will show you study abroad programs from the Outback to the Sahara, and through The University of Iowa you can become internationally aware.

The University of Iowa Resources

Check out some or all of these sites for specific information on international programs.

  • Office for Study Abroad
    The Office for Study Abroad centralizes for all UI students information about the programs abroad, both Iowa-sponsored and other; selected scholarships; credit transfer, both before and after the session abroad; and orientation for students planning to study abroad.
  • Student Development Center
    The Student Development Center staff is a general information source who can help you get started. They are also authorities on analyzing course credits from abroad for application toward an engineering degree program.
  • University Honors Program
    The Honors Program is a source of information about available scholarships for students involved in study abroad programs.
  • Faculty Adviser
    Each student's faculty adviser is critical in the planning, approval, and validation of any program where the transfer of credit is expected.