Conference Rooms

Photo of Conference/Seminar Room

Information about SC Conference and Seminar Rooms

SC 1306, 2228, 2258, 3111, 3210, 3216 Galley Kitchen, 3220, 3258, 3501, 3511, 4210 Fethke Rooftop Terrace, 4501, and 4511 are the conference and seminar rooms available in the Seamans Center. The Facilities Manager, departmental support staff, and the Dean’s Office staff use Outlook to reserve these rooms.

Two rooms have a different reservation policy. 4517 is a student team study room. Students can reserve 4517 in their department, but if no group is using the room, any student group may use it.

Seniors can use 2222 SC, the computerized collaboration room off the Student Commons. Seniors can reserve 2222 in advance by going to 1256 SC. If no one is using the room, a senior can create an instant meeting and use that room.

Read the summary of room equipment for a detailed listing of equipment, seating,and  tables available in each room. If you are planning a web conference, see this comparison of SC web conference rooms.


Read the Seamans Center Conference/Seminar Room Reservation Policy.

The Facilities Manager handles requests for use in the upcoming semester for regular activites such as tutoring. These rooms cannot be used for  a regularly scheduled class. Contact the Facilities Manager to reserve a room for a special event. Food at events in conference rooms must be pre-arranged and approved by the Facilities Manager. Only covered beverages are allowed.

Please do not remove tables or chairs from a room without prior approval from the Facilities Manager.


Equipment in these rooms is maintained by the College of Engineering. Any specific requests or problems with the equipment should be reported to the Facilities Manager. Some rooms have brushed aluminum poster display rails.

Conference Telephone, 3210 Seamans Center

There is a conference phone in 3210 Seamans Center; the number is 335-6406. To set up a conference call, you must get an authorization code from ITS. Send a requisition to the ITS Help Desk, 15 Lindquist Center, requesting an authorization code to use with the phone line 335-6406. On the requisition, specify the date and time of the call. If your call is with two or more other people, the campus operator, 335-3618, will connect all the people involved in the call at the scheduled time. If the conference call involves only the caller and 1 or 2 other people, you can make the call yourself. Dial 9 and then the phone number of the first person. You will hear fast busy tones. Then enter the authorization code. If there is a second person to connect, follow those same steps. Call Brenda Carey, 335-6262, if you have questions.

Using the Rooms

Please log out of the computer or turn off audio-visual equipment before leaving the room. Return borrowed audio-visual equipment to the lending office.