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C.R. Gazette: Iowa City Company's 3-D Anatomy Software Wows Global Audience Apr 17 2010
Campus and Community Sustainability Rally in Kinnick Stadium Press Box Sep 20 2012
Career Lifelines for Engineering Seniors Apr 1 2013
Carmichael Addresses Beijing Forum on Air Pollution, Climate Change Nov 10 2010
Carmichael Addresses Chinese Dignitaries on Chemical Weather May 26 2010
Carmichael Addresses International Symposium on Environmental Issues Dec 8 2010
Carmichael Appointed Group Chair for Open Programme Area Group on Environmental Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry Jan 3 2014
Carmichael Appointed to NASA Advisory Board Earth Science Subcommittee Dec 17 2013
Carmichael Delivers World Meteorological Day Talk Mar 23 2009
Carmichael Featured in AGU Annual Fall Meeting Video Jan 3 2013
Carmichael Featured in Christian Science Monitor Aug 6 2008
Carmichael Featured in Iowa Alumni Magazine Feb 16 2009
Carmichael Finds Black Carbon Implicated in Global Warming Jul 27 2010
Carmichael Is Co-author of UN Report on Asian Pollution Nov 20 2008
Carmichael Leads New EPA Study on Black Carbon's Climate and Air Quality Effects Sep 19 2011
Carmichael Named AIChE Fellow Aug 9 2013
Carmichael Named to Advisory Board of Chinese University Dec 22 2008
Carmichael Named to National Academy of Sciences Air Pollution Study Sep 16 2008
Carmichael Participates in Nepal Environmental Workshop Jun 14 2013
Carmichael Receives Grant to Study Chemistry and Climate Over Asia Jul 21 2011
Carmichael Receives National AIChE Award Oct 29 2012
Carmichael To Help Write Olympic Environmental Report Card Dec 5 2008
Carmichael to Lead UI Informatics Initiative Nov 20 2013
Carmichael to Present at UI Explorers Lecture Series May 18 2011
Carmichael to Study Arctic Pollution, Global Warming with $750,000 NASA Grant Apr 1 2008
Carmichael, Krajewski Named To National Research Council Panel Jun 20 2007
Carmichael, Spak Receive Grant to Join NASA Air Quality Team Aug 26 2011
Carrica Receives $101,000 NSF Grant to Study Offshore Wind Turbines May 24 2011
Carrica Receives $333,348 Navy Grant to Improve Ship Design Nov 12 2008
Carver Trust Grant to Help UI Create High-tech River Observatory May 13 2008
Casavant, Butler Participate in WorldCanvass Program on Genetics Mar 3 2013
Cavuoto To Speak June 10 on Impacts of Aging and Obesity on Worker Capabilities and Injury Risk Jun 4 2014
CBCB Team Takes Second Place in CLARITY Challenge Nov 9 2012
CBCB to Participate in Newly Approved Iowa Institute of Human Genetics Oct 1 2012
CBE Alumni Timothy White May 3 2013
CBE Faculty Opening Oct 24 2007
CBJ Daily: Stanleys Win U of I's First International Impact Award Dec 21 2010
CBS News: Smoke from Mexico Could Be Making Tornadoes in the U.S. Stronger and More Deadly Feb 5 2015
CCAD Adds Military Section to Web Site Nov 19 2014
CCAD Holds December 4 Awards Event Dec 9 2013
CCAD Honors Students, Faculty, Staff Feb 26 2013
CCAD Summer Institute: International Program Begins July 7 Jun 9 2014
CCAD Unveils New Virtual Soldier Research Website Nov 17 2009
CCAD: A Model Center Jul 15 2007
Cedar Rapids Couple Commits $1 Million for UI Kidney Disease Research Dec 16 2011
Cedar Rapids Gazette Editorial: Flood Center Proving Its Worth Apr 17 2011
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Engineering a Better Life for Rural Communities Feb 10 2014
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Iowa City Company Builds on Its 3-D Advances Jun 19 2011
Cedar Rapids Gazette: UI, Kirkwood Team Up for Wind Measurement Project Sep 14 2013
Cedar Rapids Gazette: University of Iowa Road Salt Expert to 9th-graders--Iowa DOT a World Leader Feb 22 2015
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Aiming for an "A" Dec 11 2014
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Cedar Rapids Recruits Manufacturer of Drone Aircraft Sep 9 2011
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Computer Model Helps Iowa Cities, Public Prepare for Flood May 29 2013
Cedar Rapids Gazette: E. Iowans Go to Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen Dec 12 2009
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Eastern Iowa NASA Project May Sharpen Flood Predictions Apr 3 2013
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Ecolotree Leader Envisions New Era of Wastewater "Tree-tment" Nov 26 2012
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Flood Center Envisions Warning System for Flooding Feb 2 2010
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Foamy Rivers Caused by Decaying Organic Material in Snow Runoff in Iowa Mar 11 2014
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Homegrown--Eco Stars in Iowa Mar 9 2012
Cedar Rapids Gazette: ICAD Group Showcasing Innovation in Economic Development 4/9 and 5/10 Apr 4 2013
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Iowa Engineering Students Build Aircraft for Red Bull Flugtag Competition Sep 6 2012
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Iowa Flood Planning Goes High Tech Jan 27 2013
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Iowa Lawmakers Propose Major Flood Funding Jan 20 2011
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Iowa Students Gaining Interest in Robotics, Other STEM Programs Nov 21 2013
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Jefferson Alumni Among Projects Celebrated by Project Lead the Way Feb 24 2010
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Kirkwood, University of Iowa Forge New Ground with New Facility Oct 22 2012
Cedar Rapids Gazette: New Flood Plain Maps Coming Soon Jul 13 2010
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Ortberg Gift Aims to Boost Female Engineering Enrollment Mar 3 2011
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Outdated Cars Haul Dangerous Loads in Iowa May 18 2014
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Predicting River Crests More Than About Rainfall Jul 4 2014
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Rockwell Collins CEO Cites Need for Innovation at Annual Meeting Feb 13 2015
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Rockwell Collins, UI Studying Single-pilot Operation Mar 2 2015
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Rooting for Robots Jan 11 2010
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Scale-up Initiative Brings STEM Education to More Iowa Students Feb 11 2013
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sensors Monitor Flood Threats in Eastern Iowa Apr 2 2011
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Space Exploration Keeps University of Iowa Professor, 73, Pushing Off Retirement Dec 5 2013
Cedar Rapids Gazette: State Funds Put UI in Wind Turbine Simulator Race Nov 11 2009
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Statehouse Map Mania Doesn't Extend to Watersheds Apr 5 2011
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Street-level Flood Info to Be Available in Cedar Rapids Feb 16 2011
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Student Hopes T-shirts Will Provide Clean Water to Developing Nations Sep 8 2011
Cedar Rapids Gazette: UI Asks for Money to Research Driverless Cars Sep 9 2014
Cedar Rapids Gazette: UI Receives Grant to Develop Real-time Mapping of Flood Models Jun 10 2009
Cedar Rapids Gazette: UI Students Build Footbridge in Zambia Jul 13 2010
Cedar Rapids Gazette: UI Testing Effects of Pot on Drivers Sep 6 2012
Cedar Rapids Gazette: Veggie Car Races Nov 2 2009
Cedar Rapids Gazette: What Will It Take to Tame Floods? May 13 2012
Cedar Valley Daily Times: Project Lead the Way Thriving at Vinton-Shellsburg High School Feb 2 2010
CEE Grad Student in Hydraulics and Water Resources Receives Prestigious Award Mar 11 2008
CEE, IE Students Can Apply for New Grad Student Fellowships in Geoinformatics Aug 11 2010
Center for Computer-Aided Design Open House Set for May 1, 3, and 9 Apr 27 2012
Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research on Big Ten Net Oct 21 2009
Central Iowa ACE Mentor Program Students Win First Place in National Competition May 21 2013
CGRER Airs New Radio Segments Oct 11 2010
CGRER Launches New Videos Nov 27 2012
CGRER video - Amir Farnoud Mar 12 2013
CGRER video - Jon Scholte Mar 12 2013
CGRER video - Pallavi Marrapu Mar 12 2013
CGRER video - Samantha Westerhof Mar 12 2013
CGRER video - Sujit Mohanty Mar 12 2013
CGRER, IIHR Co-sponsor Symposium on Adapting to Extreme Weather in Iowa Nov 13 2013
Chandran Is Co-author of Second Edition Apr 9 2012
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Faculty and Graduate Students Present at 2014 RadTech UV & EB Conference May 20 2014
Chen Speaks at Clean Tech 2008 Conference Sep 5 2008
Chicago Tribune: Push to Lower Legal Limit of Intoxication to 0.05 Stirs Debate Sep 1 2013
Chicago Tribune: Mystery PCB Surfaces in Chicago, Baffling Researchers Jan 22 2009
Chinese Students to Visit UI River Research Station Jul 19 2012
Choi Elected President Of International Engineering Society Jun 1 2007
Choi to Present Distinguished Lecture Jun 4 2010
Choi to Serve on SAE Global Diversity Task Force May 21 2009
Choi, Krajewski Recognized for Excellence in Mentoring Dec 3 2012
Choi, Parkin Re-appointed to Professorships Feb 5 2009
Christopher Earns MIT Award from ARVO May 11 2014
Chrysler Receives Driver Behavior Modeling Contract from Toyota May 24 2013
Cities Incite Thunderstorms, Researchers Find Aug 27 2007
Civil and Environmental Engineering Co-sponsors March 24 Differential Equations Lecture Mar 23 2009
Classroom Pass Checks Out TILE Classroom Nov 4 2014
Classroom Pass Reacts to Thermodynamics Lab Nov 3 2014
CNN: Behind the Wheel of a Distracted Driver Mar 28 2012
Coalitions of the Willing Nov 26 2012
Coffel to Present at Sep 22 2008
Cold War Air Museum to Assist Educational Research Jan 9 2012
College Celebrates Black History Month Feb 1 2015
College Co-Hosts Faculty Inclusion Efforts Workshop May 12 2008
College Co-Sponsors Advanced Manufacturing Conference May 13 2008
College Completes Successful Year of Student Design Projects May 26 2009
College Hosts Wind Energy Seminar March 26 Mar 23 2009
College Inaugurates Faculty Milestone Awards Sep 30 2008
College Introduces New Publications for Professional Development, AIChE Sep 20 2014
College Launches Sustainability Web Site Aug 20 2008
College Launches Wind Energy Certificate Feb 10 2013
College of Engineering Alumni Reception at the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournamenrt Mar 7 2014
College of Engineering Announces 2007-2008 Student Ambassadors Aug 31 2007
College of Engineering Appoints New Member to Advisory Board Sep 14 2007
College of Engineering Appoints Ortberg to Advisory Board Nov 12 2007
College of Engineering Appoints Whitmore to Advisory Board Jul 22 2009
College of Engineering Benefits from ARRA Grants through UI Aug 14 2009
College of Engineering Camps for Kids Begin June 20 Apr 7 2011
College of Engineering Celebrates Black History Month Feb 19 2008
College of Engineering Celebrates International Community Apr 17 2009
College of Engineering Celebrates National Engineers Week Feb 21 2012
College of Engineering Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month Sep 16 2012
College of Engineering Conducts Spring Commencement Ceremonies May 15 2008
College Of Engineering Dedicates New Cellular Engineering Teaching Laboratory May 1 2007
College of Engineering Establishes Faculty Milestones Awards Sep 16 2008
College of Engineering Establishes Grand Challenges Program, Names Scholars Apr 27 2011
College of Engineering Exhibits at UI Energy Expo Sep 5 2007
College of Engineering Forms Young Alumni Advisory Board Sep 17 2007
College of Engineering Free, Public Globalization Seminar Set for Sept. 27 Sep 20 2007
College of Engineering Holds Annual Fall Career Fair September 29 Sep 19 2011
College of Engineering Holds Annual Spring Career Fair Feb. 8 Feb 4 2011
College of Engineering Holds Des Moines Engineering Preview Night February 18 Feb 17 2015
College of Engineering Holds Feb. 2 Job and Internship Fair Jan 29 2010
College of Engineering Hosts French Students, Faculty Feb. 4-7 Feb 4 2008
College of Engineering Introduces New Publications for Recruiting Students Aug 17 2011
College of Engineering Introduces New Video Jun 15 2014
College of Engineering Is Part of US Engineering School Effort to Educate 20,000 Students to Meet Grand Challenges Mar 23 2015
College of Engineering Makes Plans for Commencement Dec 18 2014
College of Engineering Names Bently Faculty Fellows Nov 16 2007
College of Engineering Participates in USA Science and Engineering Festival Nov 2 2010
College of Engineering Plays Lead Role in Forming IAWIND May 9 2008
College of Engineering Reaches Campaign Milestone Oct 22 2014
College of Engineering Rises in US News Undergraduate Ranking Sep 10 2014
College of Engineering Spring Career Fair Draws 106 Employers Jan 29 2015
College of Engineering to Host ASEE North Midwest Section Conference Oct 14 2014
College Participates in Sep. 25-27 Math Field of Dreams Conference Sep 22 2009
College Publishes Latest Issue of Iowa Engineer Magazine Apr 25 2013
College Publishes Latest Issue of Iowa Engineer Magazine Mar 6 2015
College Publishes Latest Issue of Iowa Engineer Magazine Jan 28 2013
College to Co-host April 5 Invention Convention Mar 28 2008
College, CGRER, Iowa Flood Center Partner in Hancher Jun 12 2012
College, Rockwell Collins to Host North FIRST Tech Challenge Mar 24 2015
Coloradoan: Disturbances in Kinetic Chain Will Affect One's Energy Transfer Sep 23 2011
Coming Soon: Technology for Safer Driving Jan 27 2014
Commencement Brochures Available by Request; Watch Video of Ceremony May 17 2010
Commencement Ceremonies Scheduled for May 14 May 12 2011
Community: Because Engineering Is a Team Sport Sep 17 2012
Computer Graphics World: Putting Science to Work Aug 2 2010
Computer systems compromised Aug 20 2012
Computers Can Effectively Detect Diabetes-related Eye Problems May 13 2010
Conference to be Held Nov. 9 on Arsenic in Iowa's Water Resources Oct 3 2011
Contagion of Collaboration May 31 2013
Corporate Mentoring: What You Need to Know, Not What You Want to Hear Dec 1 2014
Corridor Business Journal: Software Startup Launches iPhone Application Apr 9 2009
Craig Just Plays Key Role in New Imagine Energy Trailer Sep 17 2014
Craig Just: Facilitating Sustainable Communities Jun 30 2014
Crittenden to Speak on Sustainability at September 27 Valentine Lecture Sep 23 2013
Cwiertny Appointed Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology Editor-in-Chief Jan 12 2015
Cwiertny Article One of Most Read in ES&T Publication Feb 11 2015
Cwiertny, Krajewski Earn Inaugural Research Awards Apr 4 2014