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Daily Herald: Camplin's Collegiate Odyssey has a Happy Ending Nov 30 2009
Daily Iowan Spotlight Iowa City: UI professor works to prevent Another Flood Oct 4 2010
Daily Iowan Spotlight: UI Senior Keeping His Hands Clean May 9 2011
Daily Iowan Spotlight: 48 and Set to Graduate Dec 16 2010
Daily Iowan Spotlight: UI Professor Makes Strides to Save the Planet Jul 30 2010
Daily Iowan TV: Virtual Soldier Research Feb 29 2016
Daily Iowan: A Moveable High-tech Lab Jul 20 2010
Daily Iowan: Engineering Class One of Two Shown to Regents Sep 19 2008
Daily Iowan: Engineering Enrollment Rises Nov 13 2014
Daily Iowan: Freshman Swimmers Take on Engineering Dec 17 2008
Daily Iowan: Regents Meet Santos, The Virtual Human Sep 19 2008
Daily Iowan: UI Adds Wind Energy Certificate Mar 3 2013
Daily Iowan: UI Alum Inspires Youth Interest in Engineering No date set
Daily Iowan: UI Professor, Students Create New Hospital Communication Tool May 10 2013
Daily Iowan: "Sustainability" is the Word Apr 13 2009
Daily Iowan: A UI Senior Who Could, So She Did Oct 1 2009
Daily Iowan: Boosting Organ Transplant Field Sep 30 2015
Daily Iowan: Butler Set for Provost's Chair Sep 24 2010
Daily Iowan: College of Engineering Hosts French Students Feb 4 2011
Daily Iowan: College of Engineering Sees Much-needed Building Expansion in the Future Sep 5 2013
Daily Iowan: Director Appointed for UI Water Initiative Oct 1 2009
Daily Iowan: Engineering Alumnus Hanson, Faculty Member Schnoor Deliver Guest Opinions on Philanthropy Apr 29 2015
Daily Iowan: Engineering Lab Is Up in the Air, But Down-to-Earth Feb 20 2009
Daily Iowan: Engineering Senior Working for Safer Downtown Apr 10 2009
Daily Iowan: Engineering Student Zarei Discusses How Philanthropy Can Address STEM Crisis Apr 26 2016
Daily Iowan: Floodplain Mapping Makes Progress in Eastern Iowa Mar 6 2012
Daily Iowan: Grant to Aid University of Iowa Water Program Sep 23 2016
Daily Iowan: High Schools Getting Wind of Trend Jul 10 2009
Daily Iowan: High Tech Aids Drivers Apr 21 2009
Daily Iowan: IC Teams Place High in National STEM Competition Jul 7 2015
Daily Iowan: Iowa's Future in Autonomous Cars Jul 29 2014
Daily Iowan: ISU School Looks to UI's Oct 24 2007
Daily Iowan: Johnson County Officials Hope to Work with Iowa Flood Center Mar 23 2012
Daily Iowan: Just Advocates for Sustainability Oct 28 2010
Daily Iowan: Kids Earn Their Wings in IC with Young Eagles Jun 13 2012
Daily Iowan: NASA, UI Officials Talk Flooding Jun 12 2013
Daily Iowan: National Experts Consider Cooperaton for Wind Future Jun 29 2011
Daily Iowan: Officials Tout Growth in UI Virtual Soldier Research Program Sep 28 2012
Daily Iowan: On the Alert to Be Able to Help Dec 15 2011
Daily Iowan: Phil's Day 2013: Celebrating 'Life-changing' Philanthropy May 1 2013
Daily Iowan: Professor Virtually Stars Nov 4 2014
Daily Iowan: Q&A with President Sally Mason Sep 23 2010
Daily Iowan: Reflecting on the Multifaceted Impact of Philanthropy Sep 29 2015
Daily Iowan: Research Aims at Nitrogen Cycle Jul 7 2016
Daily Iowan: Research Takes Aim at Strokes Using Cells Jun 16 2016
Daily Iowan: Research Takes Aim at Those Driving Drunk Nov 15 2007
Daily Iowan: Spotlight Iowa City-Fluid Dynamics and the Human Lung Apr 7 2010
Daily Iowan: Spotlight Iowa City: Engineering Recruitment Director Keeps Students at UI Mar 2 2010
Daily Iowan: Spotlight Iowa City: Fun with Robots and Engineering Mar 25 2010
Daily Iowan: Spotlight Iowa City: UI's $12 Million Man Apr 12 2010
Daily Iowan: Study Abroad Office Launches New Jan 24 2012
Daily Iowan: Sustainability Certificate to Become Available Mar 26 2009
Daily Iowan: UI Engineering Seniors Help Build Bridge in Nicaragua Nov 8 2010
Daily Iowan: UI Fights Parkinson's Jul 14 2016
Daily Iowan: UI Grad Student Makes Drug Drop-off Possible Sep 25 2009
Daily Iowan: UI Looks to Increase Female Engineers Mar 21 2011
Daily Iowan: UI Moves Forward on Organ Printing Mar 1 2013
Daily Iowan: UI Names Interim Engineering Dean Sep 28 2010
Daily Iowan: UI Officials Hope to Spark Sustainability Interest Oct 14 2011
Daily Iowan: UI Professor Develops Flight Training Software Jun 29 2011
Daily Iowan: UI Professor Works with Students to Solve Energy Problems Apr 16 2012
Daily Iowan: UI Students Develop Flood Sensors Feb 18 2010
Daily Iowan: UI Students, Professor to Travel, Research Gulf Oil Spill Jun 21 2010
Daily Iowan: UI Team to Aid in Gulf Research Oct 28 2010
Daily Iowan: UI Team Works on Oil Spill Jul 22 2010
Daily Iowan: UI to Install New Wind Turbine Today Jul 6 2010
Daily Iowan: UI Tries Coal Alternatives Sep 29 2009
Daily Iowan: UI Works Towards Increasing Academic Sustainability Sep 3 2010
Daily Iowan: UI, Navy Team Up to Test Seaworthiness of Ships Dec 3 2010
Daily Iowan: Virtual Reality Nursing at Iowa Oct 13 2016
Daily Iowan: Virtual Soldier May Help NASA, Amusement Parks Aug 24 2010
Daily Iowan: Water Sustainability Cluster Moves Forward Mar 13 2011
Daily Iowan: What Scientsts Look Like Apr 14 2014
Daily Iowan: Wind Turbine Installed on UI Campus Follows National Trend Jul 7 2010
Daily Iowan: WISE Women Admire Program Feb 20 2014
Daily Iowan: “Black Girls Do Science” Hopes to Increase Female African American Engineers May 4 2015
Davis Appointed to College of Engineering Advisory Board Jul 24 2015
December Engineering Commencement on Line Dec 26 2013
Deep Ocean Carbon Sinks Sep 5 2013
Deere Executive Newton to Present Grabbing the Globe Seminar Sep 4 2013
Deere's Klaus Hoehn to Deliver April 3 Grabbing the Globe Seminar Mar 31 2008
Deere's Zelnio to Present 'Sustainable U' Seminar April 15 Apr 14 2010
Deierling Receives Lockheed Martin Student Paper Award Jan 9 2016
Delfosse, Langel Receive Iowa Board of Regents Staff Excellence Award Oct 21 2016
Demerath Awarded Tau Beta Pi Scholarship Jun 25 2013
Demirci to Present Special Seminar April 30 Apr 24 2015
Department of Biomedical Engineering Publishes Fall Newsletter Jan 4 2015
Depression-era Footbridge Has Ashton Influence Jul 17 2014
Des Moines Register Guest Column: Flood Center Can Help Us Learn, Recover Jun 14 2009
Des Moines Register: Global Climate Change - What It Means to Iowa? May 11 2008
Des Moines Register: Luther Smith Airport Would Honor WWII Hero May 21 2009
Des Moines Register: Researcher Works to Improve Turbines Jan 1 2012
Des Moines Register: Simulator's Aim Is Aiding Breast Cancer Detection Dec 10 2008
Des Moines Register: There Is a Farm Club for Iowa Track Team May 16 2014
Des Moines Register: Video Game Designer Hits High Notes with Relocation Jan 16 2009
Des Moines Register: Cole Fisher's Rise to the Top of the Depth Chart a Feel Good Tale Sep 11 2015
Des Moines Register: Dream-chasing Engineer Works on New Space Shuttle Aug 24 2011
Des Moines Register: Event Focuses on Future of Flooding Mar 9 2010
Des Moines Register: Ford Enlists U of I Virtual Man for Research Jun 7 2010
Des Moines Register: Former Rockwell Collins Division Head Is Taking the Helm Jul 28 2013
Des Moines Register: Guest Column--Build Iowa's Resilience to Climate Change Jan 4 2011
Des Moines Register: Iowa Paving the Way for Self-Driving Cars Jul 26 2016
Des Moines Register: Iowa View--Climate Change Views Contrast with Facts Feb 2 2015
Des Moines Register: Iowa View--It's Time for Iowa to Lead on Climate Change Jun 21 2013
Des Moines Register: Iowa View--More Extremes Seen as Climate Changes Jul 2 2012
Des Moines Register: Iowa View--Record Shows Planet will Keep Warming Unless We Act Aug 22 2012
Des Moines Register: New Media Campaign Will Highlight Iowa's STEM Education Efforts Dec 11 2013
Des Moines Register: Triathlete Puts Passion for Sport into His Business Aug 10 2011
Des Moines Register: UI Sees High-tech Car Devices Improving Road Safety Nov 15 2010
Des Moines Register: UI Team Fears PCBs May Remain Cause for Concern Dec 6 2009
Design for Developing World Class Presents Project Videos Apr 12 2013
Design News: Putting Physics into Human Modeling May 27 2011
Despite Its Dearth of Coastline, Iowa Has Scientists Who Study Hurricane Forecasts Oct 15 2016
DI: Philanthropy Supporters--Weak Economy Encourages Donations Apr 25 2012
Digital Man Brings Cool to Engineering Feb 22 2008
Dils, Davis Receive Engineering Dean's Award Apr 12 2016
Ding Posts Editorial for SME Speaks Nov 4 2015
Ding Receives $300,000 NSF Grant Jul 22 2015
Ding Receives SME Award Dec 21 2014
Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Gurnett to Deliver Feb. 15 Presidential Lecture Feb 13 2009
Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Luther Smith Returns to College of Engineering Nov 16 2007
DNR, UI Propose Cooperative Agreement on Water and Geological Services Oct 1 2013
Documentary Features UI Alumna Morgan Price Sep 22 2014
Dogan Receives Landon Award May 27 2008
Dorman Receives Lola Lopes Award for Undergraduate Student Advocacy Oct 8 2009
Dove Elected Vice President of UI Faculty Senate May 3 2009
Dove Featured in College of Education SSTP Publication Jan 19 2014
Dove Receives Brody Award for Faculty Excellence Sep 30 2013
Dove, Just Join UI Faculty for Visit to Southeast Iowa May 19-20 May 10 2010
Drake, Peeples, and Shea Receive Brody Award for Faculty Excellence Oct 6 2011
Drivers Override Safety Features May 26 2007
Driving Simulator Seeks Participants for Contact Lens Study Feb 7 2008
Dubuque Telegraph-Herald: Bridge Sensors on Turkey, Volga Rivers Will Assist Emergency Flood Personnel No date set