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KABC-TV, Los Angeles: National Institute on Drug Abuse Study Analyzes How Marijuana Impairs Drivers Jun 25 2015
KCCI-TV: 72 Teams from 13 States Battle in Robotics Competition Mar 28 2015
KCCI-TV: New Tool Makes It Easier to Tracking Flooding Conditions Jul 8 2014
KCCI-TV: The Future Is Here: Self-driving Cars Hit the Road Jul 8 2016
KCRG-TV and Cedar Rapids Gazette: UI Installs Small Wind Turbine on Campus Jul 7 2010
KCRG-TV: "To the Point" Interviews Connie Mutel of IIHR Jun 14 2010
KCRG-TV: Dubuque Organizations Use Sensors to Measure Air Quality Jan 23 2016
KCRG-TV: New Flood Warning System in Works Jun 16 2009
KCRG-TV: UI Professor Helps States with Road Salt Usage Jan 13 2015
KCRG-TV: UI Scientists Discover Way to Test for Caffeine Content Aug 11 2014
KCRG-TV: Cutting Edge Robot Designed with Brain Surgeons in Mind Jan 11 2016
KCRG-TV: EmCon 2014 Brings Together Scientists from Around the Globe at UI Aug 20 2014
KCRG-TV: Eyes on the Road-Important Lessons from a Simulator Feb 25 2010
KCRG-TV: Fighting Pilot Fatigue Feb 20 2010
KCRG-TV: Iowa Flood Center Working on Better Flood Forecasts Feb 12 2014
KCRG-TV: Iowa Robotics Team Lends Backup Robot after Chinese Team Loses Its Own in Transit Feb 25 2015
KCRG-TV: UI Breaks Ground on $37 Million Engineering Building Expansion, Needs $18 Million Aug 28 2016
KCRG-TV: UI Engineering Students Take Part in Modern Marvels Program May 10 2014
KCRG-TV: UI Research Jets Could Hold Key to Future of Military Flight Training Feb 17 2012
KCRG-TV: UI Students Search for Gulf Coast Ecosystem Solution Jun 29 2010
KCRG-TV: UI to Begin Testing Cataract Treatment with Driving Simulator Jun 5 2015
KCRG-TV: Unique Volunteer Opportunity Makes Citizens into Deputies Feb 24 2014
KCRG-TV: University of Iowa Engineering Students Gain Hands on Experience Apr 11 2016
KCRG-TV: University of Iowa Studying Pilotless Planes Sep 11 2014
Keenan Featured in UI Oct 11 2008
Keenan Named to USA TODAY All-USA College Academic First Team Jun 9 2010
Keenan Receives UI International Programs Outstanding Achievement Award Nov 10 2008
Keenan Wins Technology Association of Iowa Award Nov 11 2009
Keeping the Iowa Beautiful: 2015 Riverwalk Clean-Up Oct 13 2015
Keri Hornbuckle Appointed Engineering Associate Dean for Academic Programs Oct 30 2010
KGAN, I-380: The Bottomless Pothole May 8 2008
KGAN-TV: Art and Science Merge in 3D Organ Printing Jul 8 2013
KGAN-TV: Landmark Study on Harmful Chemicals in Cedar Rapids' Soil Dec 6 2011
KGAN-TV: Researchers Concerned about Iowa Climate Jul 8 2014
KGAN-TV: Researchers Give Pilots Sight in Storms Nov 17 2013
KGAN-TV: Hundreds Attend University of Iowa Job Fair Sep 30 2011
KGAN-TV: IC Students Show Off Hard Work May 11 2015
KGAN-TV: Sensors Could Unlock Frozen Soil Info Mar 8 2014
KGAN-TV: Summer Camp Promotes STEM Jul 18 2015
KGAN-TV: UI Invention Could Detect Cancer Early Feb 26 2016
KGAN-TV: UI Study Finds More Heavy Rain, Possibly More Flooding Mar 13 2013
KGAN-TV: UI Working to Create Pancreas Mar 8 2013
KGAN-TV: Virtual Soldier Winning the War in Iowa City May 17 2012
KGAN-TV: Voices of Diversity: UI Student Inspires Hispanic Engineers May 2 2014
Kindig Crowned 2014 Homecoming Queen Oct 14 2014
Kindig Earns Tau Beta Pi Fellowship May 12 2015
Knake Receives Stanley Grant for International Research Jul 1 2009
Krajewski Featured on LiveScience Web Site Aug 21 2009
Krajewski Featured Speaker at UI Tech Forum Jun 16 2015
Krajewski Named Director of New Iowa Flood Center Jun 17 2009
Krajewski Receives 2010 Regents Award for Faculty Excellence Sep 17 2010
Krajewski Receives Regents Award for Faculty Excellence Jun 21 2010
Krajewski to Speak December 3 at Cafe Scientifique Dec 3 2009
Krokhmal Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Optimization Letters Jan 15 2013
Krokhmal Receives Air Force Young Investigator Award Nov 14 2008
Kruger Earns President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence Oct 19 2016
Kuhl Appointed Engineering Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs Oct 21 2016
Kuhl Conducts Road User Charge Tax Study in North Carolina Oct 7 2008
Kusiak Appointed Visiting Research Professor at University of Hong Kong Jun 24 2015
Kusiak Co-edits Textbook on Wind Power Systems Jun 25 2010
Kusiak Delivers Plenary Address at China Conference Nov 9 2015
Kusiak Featured by University of Hong Kong Oct 29 2015
Kusiak Has Big Data Article Published in ASME Magazine Apr 3 2015
Kusiak Is Co-author on Two Papers Published on Innovation Jun 10 2015
Kusiak Named Chair of Asian-Pacific Wind Energy Forum May 29 2010
Kusiak Named to Energy Journal Editorial Board Oct 27 2009
Kusiak Paper Published in Nature Jan 6 2016
Kusiak Paper Published in Nature Journal Feb 18 2016
Kusiak, Engler Featured in November Mechanical Engineering Magazine Nov 13 2008
KWQC-TV: “Stream Gauges” to Make Flood Data Easily Accessible in Davenport Sep 23 2015
KWWL-TV and KCRG-TV: High School Students Get Competitive at Robotics Championship Mar 6 2016
KWWL-TV: UI Engineering Career Fair Draws Record Numbers Feb 6 2013
KWWL-TV: UI Says Flood Studies Are Vital for Future Disasters Jun 15 2009
KWWL-TV: UI Study Supports Proposed Iowa Cell Phone Ban Jan 28 2009
KWWL-TV: Climate of Change: How weather shifts are impacting Iowans Apr 29 2014
KWWL-TV: New Software Can Prevent Texting While Driving Feb 2 2010
KWWL-TV: Santiago Air Pollution May 6 2011
KWWL-TV: UI Engineering Students Plan Trip to Zambia Apr 22 2010
KWWL-TV: UI Virtual Soldier Research Program Receives $8.6 Million Contract Apr 19 2011