Andrew Christ

Andrew Christ works in Iowa NSF EPSCoR researcher Hongtao Ding’s Laser Materials Processing Lab at the University of Iowa, where he researches the laser manufacturing of wind turbine parts alongside Ding and other student researchers. Their goal is to mechanize a mobile unit that can trace around and repair cracks in turbine blades. This robot would mitigate high costs and safety risks associated with current maintenance methods.

Christ is also involved in researching the laser machining of bone to improve its accuracy and safety during medical procedures. His real interest, however, is in wind energy, and he is thankful that the internship may allow him to pursue graduate school someday at the UI.

“It has also given me the opportunity to talk to professionals in the wind industry and start a relationship and get an insight of what their work is like,” Christ said.

Christ is also an official for UI Rec Services and a member of the UI Track and Field Club.