Terry Braun

(319) 335-6285
5318 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences
Joined the College of Engineering: 
Ph.D., Genetics, University of Iowa, 2001
M.S., Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Iowa, 1995
B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Iowa, 1993
Special Fields of Knowledge: 
Genetics; bioinformatics and computational biology.
Present Research Interests: 
Genetics; bioinformatics and computational genetics; macular degeneration.
Selected Publications: 
  • Scheetz, T. E., Kim, K-Y. A., Swiderski, R.E., Philp, A. R., Braun, T. A., Knudtson, K. L., Dorrance, A. M., DiBona, G. F., Huang, J., Casavant, T. L., Sheffield, V. C., Stone, E. M.  "Regulation of gene expression in the mammalian eye and its relevance to eye disease." Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2006 Sep 26;103(39):14429-34.
  • Chiang, A. P., Beck, J. S., Yen, H-J., Tayeh, M. K., Scheetz, T. E., Swiderski, R. E., Nishimura, D. Y., Braun, T. A., Kim, K-Y. A., Huan, J., Elbedour, K., Carmi, R.,  Slusarski, D. C., Casavant, T. L., Stone, E. M. and Sheffield, V. C. "Homozygosity mapping with SNP arrays identifies TRIM32, an E3 ubiquitin ligase, as a Bardet-Biedl syndrome gene (BBS11)." Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 103(16): 6287-6298.
  • Steely, H. T., Dillow, G. W., Grundstad, J., Braun, T. A., Casavant , T. L., McCartney, M. D., Clark, A. F.  "Protein expression in a transformed trabecular meshwork cell line:  proteome analysis." Molecular Vision, 12:372-83, 2006.
  • Bischof, J. M., Chiang, A. P., Scheetz, T. E., Stone E. M., Casavant, T. L., Sheffield, V. C., Braun, T. A.  “Genome-wide identification of pseudogenes capable of disease-causing gene conversion.”  Human Mutation, 27(6), 542-552, 2006.
  • Braun, T. A., Shankar, S. P., Davis, S., O’Leary, B., Scheetz, T. E., Clark, A. F., Sheffield, V. C., Casavant, T. L., Stone, E. M. “Prioritizing Regions of Candidate Genes for Efficient Mutation Screening.”  Human Mutation, 27(2), 195-200, 2006.