Research at the biomaterials laboratory focuses a broad spectrum of topics ranging from the development of nanoparticles for medical application to bone cement for implants to hip-joint cups and knee-joint tibial plateaus, as well as thermal seeds to heat the prostate tissues.  Nanoparticles are being developed for multiple applications such as targeted contrast and for specific tissue and interventional therapy For example 100nm particles are engineered to bind and eliminate bladder and colon cancer.  (J.Assouline).  An additional area of research at the biomaterials laboratory focuses on the use of thermal seeds development of PdCo alloy seeds in various conditions (at the clinical trial stage) (Aliasger K. Salem).  Biomaterials in orthopedics: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene in order to chemically adhere it to bone cement made from polymethylmethacrylate for better fixation of polyethylene implants (John C. Keller)

Associated Faculty:  Jose Assouline, John C. Keller and Aliasger K. Salem