Charles O. Stanier

(319) 335-1399
4122 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences
Joined the College of Engineering: 
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2003.
M.S. Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 1998.
B.S.E. Chemical Engineering, Princeton University, 1994.
Special Fields of Knowledge: 
Atmospheric carbon dioxide; ultrafine atmospheric particles; atmospheric chemistry; aerosol health effects; organic aerosol chemistry.
Present Research Interests: 
Laboratory investigation and field sampling of air pollution, particularly of aerosol particles; Computation simulations to elucidate questions of atmospheric, aerosol chemistry, and the health effects of airborne contaminants.
Selected Publications: 
  • Stanier, C.O., Singh, A., Adamski, W., Baek, J., Caughey, M., Carmichael, G.R., Edgerton, E., Kenski, D., Koerber, M., Oleson, J., Rohlf, T., Lee, S.R., Riemer, N., Shaw, S., Sousan, S., Spak, S. Spak, S., Baek, J., Carlson, J., Carmichael, G., Kim, Y.J., Riemer, N., Stanier, C.O. "Overview of the LADCO Winter Nitrate Study: Hourly Ammonia, Nitric Acid and PM2.5 Composition at an Urban and Rural Site Pair During PM2.5 Episodes in the U.S. Great Lakes Region." In press at Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions (ACPD).  2012.
  • Spak, S., Baek, J., Carlson, J., Carmichael, G., Kim, Y.J., Riemer, N., Stanier, C.O. "Episodic Air Pollution in Wisconsin (LADCO Winter Nitrate Study) and Georgia (SEARCH Network) During Jan-Mar 2009. Phase II Report: Three Dimensional Modeling, Process Analysis and Emissions Sensitivity." Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium. May 2012.
  • Chen, H., Stanier, C.O., Young, M.A., Grassian, V.H., “A Kinetic Study of Ozone Decomposition on Illuminated Oxide Surfaces,” Journal of Physical Chemistry, Vol 115, 2011, pp. 11979-87.
  • Pettibone, A., Wang, J., Eichinger, W.E., Clarke, A., Vay, S.A., Blake, D.R., and Stanier, C.O., “Size-resolved aerosol emission factors and new particle formation/growth activity occurring in Mexico City during the MILAGRO 2006 Campaign,” Atmos. Chem. Phys., Vol. 11, 2011, pp. 8861–8881.
  • Rubasinghege, G.; Spak, S.; Stanier, C.; Carmichael, G.; Grassian, V.,  “An Abiotic Mechanism for the Formation of Atmospheric Nitrous Oxide From Ammonium Nitrate,” Environ. Sci. & Technol., Vol 45, 2011, pp. 2691-2697.
Active Scientific and Professional Society Memberships: 
2006 Sheldon K. Friedlander Award of the American Association for Aerosol Research. American Institute of Chemical Engineers; American Association for Aerosol Research; Air and Waste Management Association.