Graduate Courses (CBE)

Core Courses

CBE:5110 Intermediate Thermodynamics

CBE:5152 Transport Phenomena

CBE:5105 Introduction to Literature Review and Proposal Writing

Plus one of the following to satisfy the Chemical Reaction Kinetics requirement:

CBE:5205 Introduction to Biochemical Engineering

CBE:5425 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

CBE:5315 Polymer Chemistry


Energy and Environmental Courses

CBE:4410 Sustainable Systems

CBE:5152 Environmental Chemistry

CBE:4459 Air Pollution Control Technology

CBE:5425 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

CBE:5405 Green Chemical and Energy Technologies

OEH:6450 Aerosol Technology


Biochemical Engineering Courses

CBE:5205 Introduction to Biochemical Engineering

CBE:5215 Advanced Biochemical Engineering

CBE:5210 Bioseparations

CBE:5250 Introduction to Biocatalysis

CBE:6210 Biotechnology of Extremophiles

CBE:6215 Engineering Aspects of Animal Cell Culture

CBE:5701 Tissue Engineering

CBE:5875 Perspectives in Biocatalysis


Polymer and Material Science Courses

CBE:5309 Polymer Fundamentals

CBE:4156 Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis

CBE:5390 Photopolymerization Topics

CBE:5310 Polymer Science and Technology

CBE:5315 Polymer Chemistry


NOTE:  Our students often take additional courses in other departments, including: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Pharmacy, Occupational & Environmental Health, and in other College of Engineering departments (e.g., Biomedical, Electrical & Computer, Civil & Environmental, Mechanical & Industrial).