Craig L. Just

Assistant Faculty Research Engineer IIHR -- Hydroscience & Engineering

Coordinator, College of Engineering Sustainability Programs

(319) 335-5051
4111 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences
Joined the College of Engineering: 
Ph.D., Environmental Engineering and Science, University of Iowa, 2001
M.A., Chemistry, University of Northern Iowa, 1994
B.S., Chemistry, University of Northern Iowa, 1992
Present Research Interests: 
Use of sensors to measure water quality at rapid intervals; use of mussels as living biosenors; fate of pharmaceuticals in non-conventional wastewater treatment systems; human exposure to PCBs resulting from industrial dredging operations.
Selected Publications: 
  • Loperfido, J. V.; Just, C. L.; Papanicolaou, A. N.; Schnoor, J. L., In situ sensing to understand diel turbidity cycles, suspended solids, and nutrient transport in Clear Creek, Iowa. Water Resources Research 2010, 46, 8.
  • Muste, M.; Kim, D.; Arnold, N.; Whiteaker, T.; Just, C.; Kruger, A., Digital catchment inception using community project components. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Water Management 2010, 163, (1), 13-25.
  • Loperfido, J. V.; Just, C. L.; Schnoor, J. L., High-Frequency Diel Dissolved Oxygen Stream Data Modeled for Variable Temperature and Scale. Journal of Environmental Engineering-ASCE 2009, 135, (12), 1250-1256.
  • Florman, J., Just, C., Naka, T., Peterson, J., and Seaba, H. Bridging the Distance: Service Learning in International Perspective: New Directions for Teaching and Learning. Wiley Publishers, vol. 2009, no. 118, 2009, pp. 71-84.