Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

  • Seniors should take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE) in their last semester.  The CEE department strongly encourages all seniors to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam.  Application Materials from NCEES.  The exam dates can be found at the NCEES website.

  • Registration Deadline? The application and fee must be submitted to NCEES in January (for the April exams) or in September (for the October exams). See
  • We recommend starting your application process well before the deadline. An application is not considered complete and will not be reviewed until all of the component parts are received.
  • Will I pass? Probably; 80% to 100% of Iowa students pass but preparation requires review and study. 

Prepare for the FE Exam.

  • Use the reference and review materials sold by CEE's ASCE student chapter. This year, the CEE department will again reimburse any CEE students who are registered for the FE exam for related study materials (not exam fees).  The department can afford to pay for the cost of reference and review books up to $60.  Bring your original receipt to the department office. 
  • See the reference tables that will be provided at the exam.  You can download them for free from the NCEES website. 
  • Participate in all the Spring Review Sessions organized by Chi Epsilon. All are welcome, no signup required.


CEE Students typically register for the Civil Exam, the General Exam, or the Environmental Exam. The three exams include the same general topics in the morning.  The afternoon topics are different depending on the exam. The tables below reflect the subjects from most recent exams.

AM Subjects

Mathematics Engineering Probability and Statistics
Chemistry Computers
Ethics and Business Practices Engineering Economics
Engineering Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics) Strength of Materials
Material Properties Fluid Mechanics
Electricity and Magnetism Thermodynamics


PM Subjects: FE-Civil

Surveying Hydraulics and Hydrologic Systems
Soil Mechanics and Foundations Environmental Engineering
Transportation Structural Analysis
Structural Design Construction Management


PM Subjects: FE-Environmental

Water Resources Water and Wastewater Engineering
Air Quality Engineering Solid and Hazardous Waste Engineering
Environmental Science and Management  



PM Subjects: FE-General

Advanced Engineering Mathematics Engineering Probability and Statistics
Biology Engineering Economics
Application of Engineering Mechanics Engineering of Materials
Fluids Electricity and Magnetism
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer