Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

As of January 2014, NCEES has changed the format for the FE from paper to a computerized format. For details on the new FE format go the NCEES website. Please note that the content of the FE has changed also and old review books will no longer be as useful.

With the new FE format you can schedule your exam during the following periods:

• January–February
• April–May
• July–August
• October–November

We recommend two windows for you to take the exam - January (during your winter break or after you graduate in Dec) or April-May.  In addition to the reviews provided during Design Seminar, we will offer evening FE review session in November and March each year to help you prepare.

We will provide you with a one time reimbursement of up to $60 towards the registration fee, but we will only do so if you take the exam while you are still in school (we will include through May if you graduate in May) AND you attend at least 3 of the review sessions. You need to sign up for the review sessions ahead of time. Faculty will take attendance and turn the sheets into Kim. 

Please note the $60 reimbursement is a one-time reimbursement.  If you have already submitted receipts to the department office for $60 you are not eligible for a second reimbursement.

Review Sign-up

You must sign up 2 days in advance for each session.  You can sign up here:  In order for the review session to be held we need to have a minimum of 5 students sign up for each session.  If 5 students do not sign up we will cancel the session.  If a session is cancelled we will send you an email letting you know.

Fall 2014 Review Sessions in November



5-7 PM

Statics / Dynamics

Salam Rahmatalla



5-7 PM

Mechanics of Materials

Tae-Hong Lim



6-8 PM

Hydraulics & Hydrologic Systems

Allen Bradley



6-8 PM

Geotechnical Engineering

Colby Swan



5-6 PM

Transportation Engineering

Hosin (David) Lee



6-8 PM

Fluid Mechanics

George Constantinescu