The Sustainability Certificate - Information for CEE Majors

Link to the University of Iowa Certificate in Sustainability

The University of Iowa introduced a new Certificate in Sustainability in the fall of 2009.  Students are awarded the certificate after completing all the requirements, including 24 s.h. of coursework.    CEE students interested in sustainability are encouraged to consider completing the certificate.  With planning, the certificate can be completed during the four years students are completing their CEE major requirements. CEE students may use their general education course (GEC) requirements and their Elective Focus Area (EFA) courses to complete the Certificate.  If students wish to use EFA courses for this purpose, they should document it when they submit their EFA forms to their advisor in their sophomore year.  

Link to an example curriculum map with the requirements for the Sustainability Certificate

The example curriculum map above illustrates how the requirements of the certificate might be met using GEC and EFA courses.  There are many other acceptable configurations.  In this example, the CEE subtract in Environmental Engineering is used although the certificate can be easily applied in the general civil engineering curriculum as well. 

Please note that the Sustainability Certificate requires that no more than three certificate courses may be taken from a single department or program, including CEE.  So a student concentrating in environmental engineering can count only three environmental engineering courses towards the certificate.  This requirement was made to encourage students to explore courses related to sustainability throughout the University of Iowa undergraduate curriculum.