Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct Policy

College of Engineering

I. Introduction

The College of Engineering endorses the policies and rights of students as printed in Section 1 of the General Conduct Regulations in the University of Iowa Code of Student Life.  The College of Engineering reserves the authority to handle acts of academic misconduct as adopted by Engineering Faculty.

II. Procedures for Reporting Academic Misconduct to the College

The instructor shall send a written report of any disciplinary action due to academic misconduct (or fraud) to the Office of the Dean and the report shall be placed in the student’s file. The Office of the Dean shall notify the student of each report and the right of the student to request a hearing for review of the case.

III. Grading Sanctions Assigned by the Instructor

In the case of academic fraud, an instructor may assign a lower grade than otherwise would have been given for the assignment, or for the assignment category (e.g., homework, or quiz), or for whatever is detailed in the course syllabus.

IV. Sanctions Applied by the College

  • For first offense:

The student is placed on disciplinary probation, meaning (1) the offense is noted as a College of Engineering internal record during the time of probation, (2) the student is warned about the consequences of a repeat offense, and (3) the Associate Dean of Academic Programs, together with the instructor, will determine if the student is required to enroll, at the student’s own expense, in an academic integrity seminar chosen by the Associate Dean of Academic Programs. The student will remain on disciplinary probation until the first degree is granted from the University of Iowa. A student’s internal College of Engineering records are not shared with external entities after graduation.

  • For second offense:

The Associate Dean of Academic Programs may impose the following or other penalties as the offense may warrant: cancellation of the student’s registration, disciplinary probation, suspension from the College, or recommendation of expulsion from the University by the President. If the student is expelled, the offense is recorded on the student's permanent record/transcript as follows: Not permitted to Register: Academic Misconduct. If expelled, the student may not return to the University of Iowa.

Note: Academic misconduct can involve many gray areas and borderline situations. In these cases, the College might combine or change the sanctions listed above so that they better fit the situation. The College also takes into account the instructor's recommendations about reducing or strengthening a collegiate sanction since the instructor is often aware of circumstances or details not always apparent in the report.

V. Student Appeals

When a written report of disciplinary action by an instructor is received by the Office of the Dean, the student shall be notified in writing of the action. After appealing to the professor, if the student feels that the finding of academic misconduct is in error or the penalty is unjust, the student may request a review by formally notifying in writing the Associate Dean of Academic Programs within three months of receiving the report. If the student is not satisfied with the results of the review, the student may request a separate review by the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education.