General Education Component

Students must earn at least 15 s.h. in humanities and social sciences courses chosen from approved departments and programs; at least 3 s.h. must be earned in courses that the College of Engineering has designated as humanities courses, and at least 3 s.h. must be earned in courses that the College of Engineering has designated as social sciences courses. Students must earn at least 6 s.h. of general education credit in courses taken in the same department. Individual B.S.E. programs may require further depth in an area and may include general education requirements in a student’s elective focus area.

*Note: Industrial Engineering students must take a psychology course as part of their GEC.

Approved Humanities Departments

African American World Studies (AFAM) History  (HIST)
Aging Studies (ASP) International Studies (IS)
American Indian and Native Studies Program (AINS) **Italian (ITAL)
American Studies Program (AMST) **Japanese (JPNS)
American Sign Language (ASLE; ASL) **Latin American Studies (LAS) 
Art History (ARTH) ****Leisure Studies (LEIS)
**Asian Languages and Literature (ASIA; CHIN; SOAS)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Cinema (CINE) Portugese (PORT)
Classics (CLSL; CLSA; CLSG) Religious Studies (RELS)
Communication Studies (COMM) **Russian (SLAV)
Comparitive Literature (CL) **Spanish (SPAN)
Creative Writing (CW) ***Theatre Arts (THTR)
Creative Nonfiction Writing (CNW)  
English (ENGL)
**French (FREN)  
**German (GRMN)  
Global Health Studies (GHS)  


* Music lessons (including band, jazz , etc) are NOT acceptable Humanities and WILL NOT count toward your degree.

**Foreign Language courses must be second year/intermediate level or higher to be applied toward requirement

*** ONLY the following Theatre courses ARE Acceptable GEC courses: THTR:1010, 1400, 1401, 3287; 2410; 3421; 3440

**** The following Leisure Studies (LEIS) courses do not count toward GEC: Intro to Personal Training LEIS:3148

Approved Social Science Departments

**Aerospace Military Studies (AERO) Political Science (POLI)
Anthropology (ANTH) Psychology (PSY)
***Business Administration Social Work (SSW)
*Chemical Engineering Energy and Society (CBE:030) Sociology (SOC)
Economics (ECON) ****Sport Studies (SPST)
Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies (GWSS) Urban and Regional Planning (URP)
Geography (GEOG)  
Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC)  

*Chemical Engineering Energy and Society is a seminar.


* Business  ONLY MGMT:2000, MGMT:2100 and MKTG:3000 WILL apply toward your engineering degree requirements

** Sport Studies: ONLY the following courses will apply toward your degree: SPST:1074; 2079; 3175; 3176; 3178; 2081; 3179

*** Aerospace Military Studies ONLY AERO:3100; 3200; 4100; 4200 courses will be applied toward your degree  

Minors Offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Engineering students may also resister for Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses to fulfill GEC.