Honors Education Opportunities


University Honors or Engineering Honors?

You Can Do Both!

You owe it to yourself to complement your engineering coursework with the opportunities offered by Iowa's honors programs. As an honors student, you can:

  • Be recognized for your broader achievements beyond the classroom including research, study abroad, co-ops and internships, leadership in student organizations and other community engagement experiences
  • Enroll in honors courses and seminars designed for high capability students that bring close contact with faculty through smaller classes and research projects
  • Conduct independent research under the supervision of a faculty member and build relationships with faculty for future recommendations
  • Meet and interact with other honors students around the University at honors events and workshops

Students who fulfill the requirements of University Honors and/or Engineering Honors are recognized at commencement. Achievement of University Honors and/or Engineering Honors is noted on the transcript and diploma.

University Honors - Engineering Alternative

Honors at Iowa

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Engineering Honors

Engineering Honors

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Student Alumni Stories

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