Scholarships: Current Undergraduates

For more information on Scholarships, please contact Jennifer Bell, Director of Scholarships and Recruitment at or 319/335-5774.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have at least one semester's worth of undergraduate credits at the University of Iowa College of Engineering to be considered a current student for these scholarships.

The College of Engineering has nearly 100 accounts that have been endowed over the years by generous alumni, private donors, and friends. These scholarships are available only to currently enrolled undergraduates in the College of Engineering. Students must reapply for these scholarships each year they wish to be considered. Although some of the scholarships are awarded based on financial need, most of them are based on a combination of need and merit, or merit alone. Merit is generally described as having a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. In addition, some scholarships have preferred criteria that encourage awarding to a particular geographic area or to someone who participates in certain extracurricular activities.

General Scholarship for Non-First Year Students

Undergraduate students who are enrolled in the College of Engineering are invited to submit a General Scholarship Application so that the College of Engineering will consider you for the scholarships listed below. These engineering scholarships are restricted to students who are enrolled full-time (12+ semester hours) in the College of Engineering for Fall 2015 Semester and have completed at least one year of engineering studies. Competition will be fierce because the limited funds are available. Please follow the link below to read descriptions of the scholarships offered and to complete an application form. All materials for the general scholarships are due to 3307 SC by March 31st, 2015. Failure to provide requested information may make you ineligible for some scholarships.

Engineering scholarship application requirements
(The scholarship process is open March 1 - March 31, 2015)

Other Scholarships

Scholarships from external organizations are posted on our Other Scholarship Resources page as information is sent to us.

Office of Student Financial Aid-Scholarships
University of Iowa Honors Program-Honors Scholarships