Undergraduate Scholarship Application Requirements

In order to apply you must:

  • be enrolled in the College of Engineering as a full-time student and in good academic standing
  • be willing to submit a thank you letter for review; agree to make revisions, if requested; and send it to the scholarship donor before scholarship funding will be released if you receive an award,
  • submit an on-line application and resume following descriptions (below) of scholarships offered
  • submit the following materials to Jennifer Bell, 3307 SC, by March 31st, 11.59:00 p.m. CST

Failure to provide requested information may make you ineligible for some scholarships.

The on-line application requires you to:

  1. Log-in with your Engineering ID.
  2. Give short answers to the following three items:
    1. List all volunteer, jobs, organizations and leadership experience. Also, give a specific example demonstrating your ability to balance several of these activities at once.
    2. What are your career aspirations including your interest and objectives in engineering? (If interested in the Pella scholarship, please relate this to manufacturing engineering.)
    3. Describe any relevant life experience related to engineering (if interested in the Stanley consultants scholarship please relate this to experience with consulting, if applying for Cerner, please relate this experience to healthcare information technology).
  3. Submit an up-to-date resume.

The Following two scholarships; require more information:

Paul Scholz Memorial Scholarship
Essay required describing your interest in graduate studies and two letters of support verifying information in essay.
Awarded to an undergraduate engineering student who best exemplifies academic and personal qualities that Dean Scholz represented such as integrity, leadership, and dedication to excellence. The scholarship is established to provide recognition and support for a student who plans to pursue a graduate degree program in engineering and possibly become a professor of engineering.

Robert K. Vierck Scholarship
Essay required describing your interest in graduate studies and a letter of support verifying information in essay.
Awarded to a mechanical engineering junior or senior who plans to take graduate work in mechanical engineering and study solid mechanics; US citizen; financial need.

Please email Jennifer Bell with scholarship questions.

The General Scholarship Application for Returning Students may be accessed HERE


Email Resume To Jennifer Bell