ECE Suggested Course Sequence

Fall Semester Spring Semester

59:008 Electrical Circuits
55:032 Digital Design
55:033 Software Engineering
55:041 Electronic Circuits
55:043 Linear Systems II
55:054 Communication Networks
55:070 Electromagnetic Theory
55:088 EE Design
55:091 Professional Seminar

57:017 Computers in Engineering
55:018 Instrumentation
55:035 Computer Architecture
55:036 Embedded Systems
55:040 Linear Systems I
55:050 Communication Systems
55:060 Control Systems
55:072 Material and Devices
55:088 EE Design

It is critical for students to take the courses in the listed semester to avoid delaying their graduation. For example,

  • if a student does not take 57:17 or 55:18 in spring, this student would not be able take the required courses 55:41 or 22C:19 or 55:33 in fall.
  • if a student does not take 59:008 in fall, this student would not be able take 55:018 in spring.