ECE Focus Area: Integrated Circuits (Computer)


Integrated circuit engineers develop and design the Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits that play a central role in countless modern electronic devices, appliances, and vehicles. These circuits add smarts and complex functionality to wide variety of devices including computers, phones, medical instruments and implants, automobiles, power generation and distribution systems, airplanes, consumer electronic devices, and home appliances.

Depending on the courses selected, completion of integrated circuits area coursework can provide additional understanding of the physics underlying VLSI circuits, modern VLSI circuit design techniques, approaches to VLSI circuit testing, and VLSI circuits' applications.

Integrated circuits engineers find employment with large chip manufacturers such as Intel and AMD, electronic design automation tool developers, and in the avionics, automobile and telecommunication industries.

Students interested in the Integrated Circuits elective focus area are encouraged to consider the track and EFA course selection suggestions listed below when completing their plan of study form.

EFA Requirements Suggested Options

Computer Track: accelerated curriculum, standard curriculum

Breadth Elective
(select 1)
ECE:3410 Electronic Circuits
Depth Elective
(select 1)
       All depth electives listed above and
ECE:5300 Switching Theory
ECE:5320 High Performance Computer Architecture
5000-Level ECE
(select 2)
       All depth electives listed above and
ECE:5310 Introduction to VLSI Design
ECE:5380 Testing Digital Logic Circuits
Technical Electives
(select 3)
CS:2230 Computer Science II: Data Structures (Required)
       All breadth, depth and 5000-level ECE electives listed above, and
ECE:5330 Graph Algorithms & Combinatorial Optimization
ECE:5410 Advanced Circuit Techniques