ECE Focus Area: Power Systems (Electrical)

Wind farm Solar farm Power transmission


Electrical power systems engineers keep the lights on by generating the electricity we need, getting it to our homes and businesses, and getting us where we need to go in electric vehicles.

The power systems EFA concentrates on topics such as sustainable energy, power generation, transmission and control, power electronics, and electrical drive systems.

The employment opportunities for electrical power systems engineers include solar and wind energy production, high voltage DC (HVDC) power transmission, smart grid implementation, and electric vehicle design.

Students interested in the Power Systems elective focus area are encouraged to consider the track and EFA course selection suggestions listed below when completing their plan of study form.

EFA Requirements

Suggested Options


Electrical Track: standard curriculum

Breadth Elective
(select one)

055:033 (ECE:3330) Software Design
055:036 (ECE:3360) Embedded Systems & Systems Software
055:054 (ECE:3540) Communication Networks

Depth Elective
(select one)

055:141 (ECE:5410) Advanced Circuit Techniques
055:146 (ECE:5460) Digital Signal Processing
055:160 (ECE:5600) Control Theory
055:164 (ECE:5640) Computer Based Control

100-Level ECE
(select two)

       All depth electives listed above and
055:142 (ECE:5420) Power Electronics
055:143 (ECE:5430) Electric Power Systems
055:162 (ECE:5620) Electric Drive Systems
055:163 (ECE:5630) Sustainable Energy Conversion

Technical Electives
(select three)

       All breadth, depth and 100-level ECE electives listed above and
22M:118 (MATH:4200) Complex Variables*
Additional Electives
(select two)
Any of the above OR courses selected in consultation with advisor.

     * A Mathematics minor can be earned by completing one qualifying Math course.

Advising Notes

  1. 055:143 (ECE:5430)055:163 (ECE:5630)055:142 (ECE:5420), and 055:162 (ECE:5620) are offered, one per semester, over a two-year period.   To take all four courses during a student’s junior and senior years, one fall semester junior year ECE track course must be delayed until fall semester senior year.
  2. The four listed power electives may be taken in any order.

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