Senior Design Projects

2013 - 2014 : Dowsing Cane : Bopit Game  :Walk Through  : Cloud based Power Monitor  ; Smart TV    ; Fire View   ; ECG Machine   ; Cloud controlled Light Dimmer   ; CNC control panel on Android tablet    ; MPPT Solar Power supply    ; Large Scale LED display    ; Sports Scoring app    ; Android controlled climbing wall    ; Phone controlled LED table    ; Android and I-phone controlled door lock    ; Hand held computer mouse    ; Autonomous robot


2012 - 2013

*Android Fitness App

*Automotive Lighting with Android App

*Camera System for Car Protection

*Car Fuel Economy Android App

*Clubfoot Registry Software

*Electric Life Guard

*Linked Weather Radar 

*Mobile Device Runs Desktop Software

*Quad Copter Control Board 

* Server-backed Communications System for Ground Water Level Data Acquisition

*Simulink Control of a Robotic Arm

*Truck Service Monitor

*Water Pong Table

* Weather Radar Calibration System

*Wireless Patient Intake System 

2011 - 2012


Satellite Data Aquisition Electronics

River Drifter

Painting Robot

River Water Flow Instrumentation

MPEG Video Motion Vector Estimation

Solar Panel Emulator

PC Based Data Recorder