Gary E. Christensen

Gary E. Christensen
(319) 335-6055
4324 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences
Joined the College of Engineering: 
D.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Washington University, 1994
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Washington University, 1989
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Washington University, 1988
B.S., Computer Science, Washington University, 1988
Special Fields of Knowledge: 
Image & Signal Processing; Medical Imaging; Probability; Stochastic Processes; Parallel Programming.
Present Research Interests: 
Global Shape Models; Medical Imaging.
Selected Publications: 
  • Magnotta, V.A., Bockholt, H.J., Johnson, H.J., Christensen, G.E., Andreasen, N.C., "Subcortical, cerebellar and MR based consistent brain image registration," NeuroImage, 19(2) 2003, pp. 233-245.
  • Christensen, G.E., Johnson, H.J., "Invertibility and transitivity analysis for nonrigid image registration," Journal of Electronic Imaging, 12(1) 2003, pp. 106-117.
  • Johnson, H.J., Christensen, G.E., "Consistent Landmark and Intensity-based image registration, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 21(5) 2002, pp. 450-461.
  • Christensen, G.E., Johnson, H.J., "Consistent Image Registration," IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, July 2001.
  • Christensen, G.E., S.C. Joshi, Miller, M.I., "Volume Geometric Transformations for Mapping Anatomy," IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, December, 1997. 
  • Christensen, G.E., Rabbitt, R.D., Miller, M.I., "Deformable Templates Using Large Deformation Kinematics, " IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 5(10), October, 1996, pp. 1435-144.  
Active Scientific and Professional Society Memberships: 
Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.