ECE senior / ECE graduate Courses

ECE graduate courses

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055:122 [ECE:5220] Computational Genomics

055:130 [ECE:5300] Switching Theory

055:131 [ECE:5310] Introduction to VLSI Design

055:132 [ECE:5320] High-performance Computer Architecture

055:133 [ECE:5330] Graph Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization

055:138 [ECE:5380] Testing Digital Logic Circuits

055:141 [ECE:5410] Advanced Circuits Techniques

055:142 [ECE:5420] Power Electronics

055:143 [ECE:5620] Electric Power Systems

055:145 [ECE:5450]Pattern Recognition

055:146 [ECE:5460] Digital Signal Processing

055:148 [ECE:5480] Digital Image Processing

055:150 [ECE:5500] Communication Theory

055:152 [ECE:5520] Intro to Information & Coding Theories

055:153 [ECE:5530] Wireless Sensor Networks

055:160 [ECE:5600] Control Theory

055:162 [ECE:5430] Electric Drive Systems

055:163 [ECE:5630] Sustainable Energy Conversion

055:164 [ECE:5460] Computer-Based Control Systems

055:170 [ECE:5700] Advanced Electromagnetic Theory

055:172 [ECE:5720] Solid State Physical Electronics

055:173 [ECE:4728] Introductory Solid State Physics

055:177 [ECE:4720] Introductory Optics

055:178 [ECE:5780] Optical Signal Processing

055:179 [ECE:5790] Electro Optics

055:180 [ECE:5800] Fundamentals of Software Engineering

055:181 [ECE:5810] Formal Methods in Software Engineering

055:182 [ECE:5820] Software Engineering Languages and Tools

055:183 [ECE:5830] Software Engineering Project

055:191 [ECE:5000] Graduate Seminar

055:195 [ECE:5995] Contemporary Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering

055:245 [ECE:7450] Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems

055:247 [ECE:7470] Image Analysis and Understanding

055:248 [ECE:7480] IAdvanced Digital Image Processing

055:273 [ECE:7720] Semiconductor Physics

055:274 [ECE:6726] Laser Principles

055:276 [ECE:6720] Nonlinear Optics

055:291 [ECE:7930] Seminar Plasma Physics

055:295  [ECE:7995] Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering