ECE Focus Area: Bio-Informatics

Genetic testing. Genome assembly. Supercomputer.


Bioinformatics is an emerging discipline that uses mathematics and computer engineering to help answer questions in bioscience, agriculture and medicine.

Bioinformatics harnesses the power of recent developments in statistics, software engineering, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence to sort through and prioritize vast datasets to find clues to the casues and cures of human disease.

Students with Bioinformatics training are in high demand in research labs in academia and industry, and have many opportunities to start corporate ventures.

Students interested in the Bioinformatics Elective Focus Area are encouraged to consider the track and EFA course selection suggestions listed below when completing their plan of study form.

EFA Requirements

Suggested Options


Computer Track: accelerated curriculum, standard curriculum

Breadth Elective
(select one)

055:043 (ECE:3400) Linear Systems II
055:054 (ECE:3540) Communication Networks

Depth Elective
(select one)

055:130 (ECE:5300) Switching Theory
055:132 (ECE:5320) High Performance Computer Architecture

100-Level ECE
(select two)

       All depth electives listed above and
055:122 (ECE:5220) Computational Genomics
055:133 (ECE:5330) Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization

Technical Electives
(select three)

22C:021 (CS:2230) Computer Science II: Data Structures (Required)
       All breadth, depth and 100-level ECE electives listed above, and
055:145 (ECE:5450) Pattern Recognition
099:110 (BIOC:3110) Biochemistry
002:081 (BIOL:1311) Human Genetics in the 21st Century
002:011 (BIOL:1502) Principles of Biology II*
002:099 (BIOL:2211) Genes, Genomes and the Human Condition
002:128 (BIOL:2512) Fundamental Genetics*
002:138 (BIOL:3716) Genetics and Biotech Lab*
051:123 (BME:5320) Bioinformatics Techniques
004:121 (CHEM:2210) Organic Chemistry I
004:122 (CHEM:2220) Organic Chemistry II*
22C:031 (CS:3330) Algorithms
22C:144 (CS:5410) Database Systems
22C:141 (CS:6421) Knowledge Discovery (Machine Learning)

Additional Electives
(select two)
Any of the above OR courses selected in consultation with advisor.

     * The starred technical electives have prerequisites. Click on the courses' course numbers for details.

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