ECE Focus Area: Business

Students in the Electrical track can get a business minor without taking any extra courses.  This is not true for the Computer track.  Here's how to do it.

22M:017 <- 22M:031  4 sh
22S:008 <- 22S:039  3 sh
06E:001 <- LL OR UL HUM/SOC GEC 4 sh
06E:002 ** Free ECE EFA elective 4 sh
06A:001 ** Free ECE EFA elective 3 sh
06A:002 ** Business ECE Tech EFA elective 3 sh
06J:047 <- LL SOC GEC 3 sh
06J:048 ** Business ECE Tech EFA elective 3sh
06K:070 <- 057:017 3 sh
06M:100 <- UL SOC GEC 3 sh
06F:100 <- 056:054 Standard ECE Tech Elec 3 sh

Total of 36 sh w/o any extra courses!

The key point here is that according to a footnote on the Engineering Student Services General Education Component page ...
"06J:047, 06J:048, and 6M:100 Will apply toward your engineering degree [social science] requirements" so the 06J:047/06M:100 combo counts as a LL/UP Soc pair.