ECE Focus Area: Computer Breadth (Computer)

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The computer breadth area is intended to provide students with a broad background in computer hardware and software topics in preparation for a career in industry or graduate studies. 

This EFA is ideal for Computer Track students who have not developed a strong preference for either the hardware-  or software-related aspects of electrical and computer engineering and who are interested in acquiring additional knowledge in both areas.  It is also a good choice for students who are preparing for graduate studies in computer engineering or a related field.

Students pursuing this EFA may find employment with computer chip manufacturers, software development companies, and companies that design customized digital hardware and software for use in their products and applications.

Students interested in the Computer Breadth Elective Focus Area are encouraged to consider the track and EFA course selection suggestions listed below when completing their plan of study form.

EFA Requirements

Suggested Options


Computer Track: accelerated curriculum, standard curriculum

Breadth Elective
(select one)

055:041 (ECE:3410) Electronic Circuits
055:054 (ECE:3540) Communication Networks
055:060 (ECE:3600) Control Systems

Depth Elective
(select one)

055:132 (ECE:5320) High Performance Computer Architecture
055:180 (ECE:5800) Introduction to Software Engineering

100-Level ECE
(select two)

       All depth electives listed above and
055:130 (ECE:5300) Switching Theory
055:131 (ECE:5310) VLSI Design*
055:181 (ECE:5810) Formal Methods
055:182 (ECE:5820) Software Engineering Languateds and Tools
055:183 (ECE:5830) Software Engineering Project

Technical Electives
(select three)

22C:021 (CS:2230) Computer Science II: Data Structures (Required)
       All breadth, depth and 100-level ECE electives listed above, and
55:133 (ECE:5330) Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
55:164 (ECE:5640) Computer-based Control**

Additional Electives
(select two)
Any of the above OR courses selected in consultation with advisor.

 * requires 55:041 (ECE:3410) as a prerequisite
** requires 55:060 (ECE:3600) as a prerequisite

Advising Notes

  1. All Computer Track students satisfy the requirements for a minor in Computer Science.
  2. A minor in Mathematics can be earned by including one qualifying Math course in the EFA plan.

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