ECE Focus Area: Sustainability

Either Computer or Electrical Track

All of the following

12:008 (GEOS:1080) Introduction to Environmental Science (general EFA)
44:003 (GEOG:1020) Introduction to Earth Systems Science (LL/UL SOC/HUM GEC)
44:019 (GEOG:1070) Contemporary Environmental Issues (LL SOC GEC)
44:125 (GEOG:4750) Environmental Impact Analysis (4 s.h.) or 44:127 (GEOG:3750) Environmental Quality (3 s.h.) (UL SOC same dept. GEC)
53:107 (CEE:4107) Sustainable Systems (technical EFA)
55:153 (ECE:5530) Wireless Sensor Networks (100-level ECE EFA)
55:195 (ECE:5995) Topics in ECE (energy harvesting) (100-level ECE EFA)
57:013 (ENGR:4013) Introduction to Sustainability (general EFA)
113:113 (ANTH:2261) Human Impacts on the Environment (UL SOC/HUM GEC)

and Two of

55:141 (ECE:5410) Advanced Circuit Techniques (technical EFA)
55:146 (ECE:5460) Digital Signal Processing (technical EFA)
55:150 (ECE:550) Communication Theory (technical EFA)
55:153 (ECE:5530) Wireless Sensor Networks
55:160 (ECE:5600) Control Theory (technical EFA)
55:164 (ECE:5640) Computer Based Control Theory (technical EFA)
55:170 (ECE:5700) Advanced Electromagnetic Theory (technical EFA)
56:155 (IE:4550) Wind Power Management (technical EFA)

Note: The listed courses satisfy UI sustainability certificate requirements. To avoid having to take additional credits beyond those required for BSE EE it is essential that the GEC courses listed (or equivalent) be used to satisfy GEC requirements.