ECE Focus Area: Technical Entrepreneurship (Computer)

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The Technical Entrepreneurship Certificate(TEC) program, offered in partnership with the John Pappajohn Entrepreneural Center, allows students to gain useful business and management skills along with their engineering degree.

The TEC provides interested students with a better understanding of how to manage innovation within an existing business environment or how to start, finance, and manage their own business ventures.

 The practical business skill gained though completion of the TEC may enhance the attractiveness of graduates to employers who are looking for engineers with an understanding of the importance of innovation.  Students who are interested in starting their own business after graduation will gain essential skills for developing business plans, obtaining financing, enhancing sales and marketing, and managing growth.

Students interested in the Technical Entrepreneurship Certificate elective focus area are encouraged to consider the track and EFA course selection suggestions listed below when completing their plan of study form.

EFA Requirements

Suggested Options


Computer Track: accelerated curriculum, standard curriculum

Breadth Elective
(select one)

55:041 (ECE:3410) Electronic Circuits
55:043 (ECE:3400) Linear Systems II
55:050 (ECE:3500) Communication Systems*
55:060 (ECE:3600) Control Systems
55:072 (ECE:3720) EE Materials and Devices**
55:054 (ECE:3540) Communication Networks

Depth Elective
(select one)

Any qualifying depth elective course, depending on specific area of interest.  See examples from other EFAs and/or consult with advisor.

100-Level ECE
(select two)

Any qualifying 100-level ECE courses depending upon specific area of interest.  See examples from other EFAs and/or consult with advisor.  

Technical Electives
(select three)

22C:021 (CS:2230) Computer Science II (Required for computer track )
56:054 (IE:2500) Engineering Economy (Required for TEC)
6T:120 (ENTR:2000) Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Required for TEC)

Additional EFA Electives

(select two)

6T:133 (ENTR:3100) Entrepreneurial Finance (Required for TEC)


One additional courses from the following list of TEC electives:

06T:134 (ENTR 3200) Entrepreneurial Marketing**
06T:144 (ENTR:3595) Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness
06T:145 (ENTR:3300) Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
06T:146 (ENTR:3400) Strategic Management of Tech. and Innovation
06T:147 (ENTR:3500) Social Entrepreneurship
06T:148 (ENTR:3600) E-commerce Strategies for Entrepreneurs
06T:150 (ENTR:4400) Managing the Growth Business**
06T:151 (ENTR:4450) Professional Sports Management
06T:152 (ENTR:4460) Entrepreneurship and Global Trade
06T:190 (ENTR:4000) Seminar in Entrepreneurship
06T:191 (ENTR:4100) Practicum in Entrepreneurship
06T:192 (ENTR:4200) Entrepreneurship: Business Consulting**
06T:193 (ENTR:4600) Advanced Venture Finance
06T:194 (ENTR:4300) Advanced Business Planning
06T:199 (ENTR:4900) Academic Internship
06T:210 (ENTR:9000) Developing Professional Service Business

* Requires 55:043 (ECE:3400) as a prerequisite

** Requires 55:041 (ECE:3410) as a prerequisite

*** Highly recommended

Advising Notes

  1. Important Note: Computer Track Students must complete one additional TEC Elective from the above list, in addition to the listed EFA requirements, to satisfy the requirements for the Technological Entrepreneurship Certificate.

  2. In order to receive the Technological Entrepreneurship Certificate along with their degree, qualifying students must compete the TEC Application Form.

  3. Computer track students meet the requirements for a minor in Computer Science

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