EE Undergraduate Courses

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ENG 2730 Computers In Engineering

ECE:2400 Linear Systems I

ECE 2410 Principles of Electronic Instrumentation

ECE 3000 Professional Seminar In Electrical Engineering

ECE 3320 Introduction to Digital Design

ECE:3330 Introduction to Software Design

ECE:3350 Computer Architecture and Organization

ECE:3360 Embedded Systems and Systems Software

ECE:3400 Linear Systems II

ECE:3410 Electronic Circuits

ECE:3500 Communication Systems

ECE:3540 Communication Networks

ECE:3600 Control Systems

ECE:3700 Electromagnetic Theory

ECE:3720 Electrical Engineering Materials and Devices

ECE:4720 Introductory Optics

ECE:4728 Introductory Solid State Physics

ECE:4880 Principles of Electrical Engineering Design

ECE:4890 Electrical Engineering Senior Design

ECE:5220 Computational Genomics

ECE:5300 Switching Theory

ECE:5310 Introduction to VLSI Design

ECE:5320 High-performance Computer Architecture

ECE:5330 Graph Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization

ECE:5380 Testing Digital Logic Circuits

ECE:5410 Advanced Circuits Techniques

ECE:5420 Power Electronics

ECE:5430 Electric Drive Systems

ECE:5450 Pattern Recognition

ECE:5460 Digital Signal Processing

ECE:5480 Digital Image Processing

ECE:5500 Communication Theory

ECE:5520 Intro to Information & Coding Theories

ECE:5530 Wireless Sensor Networks

ECE:5600 Control Theory

ECE:5620 Electric Power Systems

ECE:5630 Sustainable Energy Conversion

ECE:5640 Computer-Based Control Systems

ECE:5700 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory

ECE:5720 Solid State Physical Electronics

ECE:5780 Optical Signal Processing

ECE:5790 Electro Optics

ECE:5800 Fundamentals of Software Engineering

ECE:5810 Formal Methods in Software Engineering

ECE:5820 Software Engineering Languages and Tools

ECE:5830 Software Engineering Project

ECE:5995 Contemporary Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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