Wind Energy Training and Education

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering has launched an MS degree in industrial engineering with a graduate focus area in wind power management, designed to educate professionals for design, operations, and management of wind farms deployed in massive numbers all over the country. The graduates will be able to fully understand the system and management of wind power facilities and their interactions with other alternative and conventional power generation systems.

Wind Power Management course

Energy Systems Design course (Fall Semester)

Contemporary Topics: Fundamentals of Wind Turbines course (Spring Semester)

Engineering Fall Career Fair and Spring Job and Internship Fair

The University of Iowa College of Engineering and Iowa Lakes Community College of Estherville, Iowa, have an agreement that allows some Iowa Lakes students to transfer to either the UI Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering or the UI Department of Mechanical Engineering. The transfer program is designed specifically for students enrolled in the Iowa Lakes Wind Energy and Turbine Technology Associate in Applied Science program. The agreement was made possible in large part by Iowa Lakes' nationally recognized wind technology program, the UI's leadership role in wind technology in the state of Iowa, and the dramatic increase of wind power production and generation facilities in Iowa by private industry. (more)