ECS Web Site Reorganization; Announcements & Events

ECS will reorganize their web site beginning Monday, 17 March, and lasting for a couple of days. If you get an error when trying to find an ECS web page during those days, please try again a few minutes later. The reorganization has to be done on a live site.

Most existing pages will remain on the new site, some in a different path. If you have bookmarked an existing page that moves within the site, you should automatically be sent to the new page.

One advantage of the new organization is the Announcements and Event notices on the ETC, ECS, EES, and EMS landing pages. Rather than send email to notify different groups about alerts, services changes, announcements, and ITS notices, you can find all those sorts of items on the ETC home page, or on the relevant group page. Notice that at the upper right of the Events listing is the icon for the RSS feed for that information.



ETC event date: 
Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 2:00pm
ETC alert type: 
ETC user impact: 
3-Intermittent, specific resources interrupted sporadically