1245 New Floor and More

new floor in 1245 (6/14)

After spring semester finals were done, ECS closed the 1245 computer classroom for renovation. 1245 closed You may not have noticed the floor, but it had worn badly under the rolling chairs in front of each computer, but this picture shows what all the furniture obscured. 1245 worn floor The work of disassembling 1245 was mostly accomplished by our summer students. They piled the tables in the halls: 1245 tables in hall and 1245 tables in hall.

Then the floor guys came in to lay the new floor. The new Johnsonite low maintenance, no wax, rubberized floor tile was laid on top of the existing tiles. One advantage of this new tile is that the pattern exists throughout the tile. So if a layer or two of tile is removed, the floor should look very like it looks now.

First a layer of glue was applied floor glue in 1245, then the installer laid the tiles two workers laying tile,  including new baseboard baseboard tile in 1245,  trimming as necessary.

With the new floors installed, the student crew and Chris Fomon brought the tables back in and began setting up the new computers and monitors. The computers are the small form-factor size, and so sit on top of the desk surface rather than being below the desk. The monitors on are stands placed on the tables. new computers and monitors in 1245 As in the previous version of 1245, most of the computer cabling is between the tables, mostly hidden from view. 1245 cabling-between-tables Cabling requires tools. cabling requirestools

1245 was open 1245-ready-for-use on Monday 16 June and has been used for several orientation sessions since then. It will, of course, be used by courses this fall.

June 2014