New Wireless Service in SC

ITS, the campus wireless provider, is in the midst of a project to make the wireless service faster and more robust on campus. For this project, ECS collaborated with ITS to improve the wireless coverage. ECS upgraded the internal networking and ITS paid for the new wireless equipment. ITS finished their work in the Seamans Center at the end of July. They installed new wireless access points (APs), increasing the number from  71 to 115 APs. The new APs use the 5 gHz and the 2.4 gHz bands; the previous ones ran in the 2.4  gHz band only. The new APs hand the signal to the next one more efficently, so you should not  notice any degradation in wireless access when moving around the building. They prefer the faster bands at the higher frequency, AC, but also support the B, G, and N standards. ( Read about the wireless 802.11ac b, g, and n standards that describe networking protocols.)

The new APs are in offices and other shared spaces rather than in the halls. If you notice that your wireless reception is weak or non-existent, please notify the Engineering Help Desk, 319-335-5055. ITS will add more APs if necessary.

old wireless AP  adding coinduit for new AP placement  new Aruba AP

August 2014