Summer Projects and Summer Staff

candy jar on Sheila's desk

ECS does work in the summer than would be too disruptive during the fall and spring semesters. Summer 2014 projects included completely remodeling both 1245 and 3231. The floor in 1245 was replaced, which required removing everything from that room. Once the new floor was installed, all the desks, new computers, new monitors, and the lectern at the front of the room had to be installed and arranged. That same deconstruction occurred in 3231 after 12145 was completed. Fortunately ECS had a crew of willing student employees to help with the summer work: Darrow, Kenny, and Stephanie.

Kenny, Darrow, and Steph at work in 1245

Darrow Center has been working in the ECS main office since fall 2013. She is an engineering student who started at the UI last fall. Stephanie Smith also began working last fall in ECS, and is also an engineering student.

summer students Darrow and Kenny Stephanie and Darrow were roommates in the girls' engineering floor of Rienow Hall their freshman year (2013/14). Kenny Kostman, whose father John is the service manager in the Engineering Electronics Shop, joined the student crew this summer to help with the many projects noted above. Darrow noted, "Steph, Kenny, and I are all living together on the west side of IC starting in August. It will be Steph's and my first apartment since leaving home for college, and Kenny's and my first official time living together since we started dating in 2009. We are all excited to become more independent, to live in a city we love, and to be closer to work!"

Kenny and candy jar

Kenny has a long-standing relationship with ECS departmental administrator Sheila Britton. If you have been in Sheila's office, you may have seen the bear candy jar that has been sitting on her desk for about 20 years. Sheila got it when she was spending time with Kenny Kostman while his parents, John and Sue Kostman, were moving into their house in Mt. Vernon. Sheila took 5-year old Kenny downtown to amuse him, and while shopping together, Kenny found that candy jar. Sheila got it and has kept it on her desk since then.

If you see Darrow, Kenny, or Stephanie wheeling carts of equipment, cleaning lab computers, or reconnecting cables, you'll know a bit more about who they are and perhaps can share our appreciation of the tasks they do and the camaraderie with which they work.

June 2014


What an awesome article!   We are lucky to have all 3 of them working this summer.   -Sheila