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>>> Students: Request Seamans Center access on your Iowa OneŽ Card. <<<

The switch from the old prox card to the Iowa OneŽ Card as prox card is now complete for ERF, SC, HWBF and SHL. NADS will occur at a future, to be determined date. This means that access to doors did not change though the card you use to gain access has changed. If you have not already done so, to maintain your electronic access pick up the Iowa OneŽ Card.

If your old prox card gives you access to multiple campus locations, use that card until the Iowa OneŽ Card opens all those doors.

One change with using the Iowa OneŽ Card is that ECS no longer has automatic access to make door changes so Engineering staff should submit changes as in the past, but 24 hour turnaround for changes is not guaranteed.

At this time, no key fobs are available. The Engineering Electronics Shop, 2018 SC, has lanyards and badge holders for sale so you can wear your Iowa OneŽ Card when you don't want to put it in your pocket.

If you have questions, please contact the Engineering Help Desk, 319-335-5055.

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