Data Manager - What Carrie Does

course listing report from ECS reporting services

"What does the Engineering Computer Services data manager [photo below] do, other than work remotely from Cincinnati, OH?", you ask.

Carrie Hogarty

In addition to the eACE Evaluation and Assessment SurveY (EASY) program that Carrie Hogarty manages, as well as the technical support that she provides for the Engineering Scholarship Web Application, chances are good that you do not know about the many other services she provides to the College of Engineering. For instance, she has access to and knowledge of the various University data warehouses. These data sources include all types of information on current and prospective students, employees, and grants.

Having access to this information isn't useful unless it is in an easy-to-understand format and is shared with those who need it. To this end, Carrie works with staff to determine what that useful format looks like. Once data needs have been specified, she uses SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to write the SQL code to query the various data sources. Once the code is written and data are checked for accuracy, she creates an aesthetically pleasing and accurate report and deploys it to the Engineering Computer Services Reporting Services web site. Currently over 50 reports are available, including EASY, registrar, and statements of charges information.

At three times during each semester she takes snapshots of about 20 of those reports that contain prospective and current student information. These snapshots, running as far back as fall 2001, are available to departmental staff.  She uses the data from the University Official Count (OC) snapshot (taken on the 10th day of the fall semester annually) and compiles those data into various configurations that she submits online for the U.S. News, Peterson's Graduate, and ASEE Surveys, as well as for the Engineering Workforce Commission (EWC) Surveys of Degrees and EWC Surveys of Enrollment.

In addition to providing canned reports, she also provides information for ad-hoc data requests when information cannot be obtained using the various university-provided, online tools, such as MAUI, ISIS, InfoBank, and Employee Self Service. For instance, one request was a count of undergraduate students we have from a particular area including Iowa counties and other US cities. After satisfying that request, she then updated an existing student demographic report to include those types of information.

So the next time you are wondering what is happening in Cincinnati, OH, remember that someone is busy putting together data and turning it into useful information to make someone's work life a little easier to manage.

July 2013