EASY Features

EASY is a flexible, database-driven software package to:

  • design questions to ask on almost any type of survey
  • design valid answer types to associate with questions
  • group these questions into named sets for ease of reuse
  • design surveys from these sets and individual questions
  • present questions to people being surveyed
  • store responses in relational database

Questions, valid responses, surveys, and answers are stored in a relational database for:

  • regeneration/redesign of questions/surveys from existing ones
  • short or long-term analysis of data by semester, department, course, course section/lab, or instructor
  • analysis of survey use

Question type limits for each survey are:

  • 5 headings
  • 5 sub-headings,
  • 50 comment questions,
  • 30 radio-button questions
  • 20 comment questions to show under radio button questions

Design components include:

  • survey instructions and headings
  • question text and valid responses
  • question sets
  • headings that appear at top of survey and remain on screen for entire survey as instructions
  • subheadings that can be used as context or instructions for specific questions

Question response can be:

  • single choice from defined list of choices
  • freeform comment up to 251 chars
  • freeform comment about the previous question

Survey can be run in test mode while designing it

Surveys can be taken from any internet session on any machine, on or off campus, using any browser.

EASY surveys include:

  • college wide : COE-generated questions to be asked for each course surveyed
  • departmental wide : DEO questions to be asked on each survey for a course in respective dept
  • course specific: instructor's custom questions for a specific purpose
  • mixed: instructor's custom questions can be added to other question sets

EASY has been used for:

  • ACE evaluations
  • ABET (Course Goals Assessment (CGA)),
  • Exit, and
  • Alumni surveys

Each specific survey can be given multiple times per semester for any number of semesters.

Multiple surveys can be running concurrently

Registrar's course registration (class list) data controls who takes what survey

Design of question sets and surveys is done by ECS Data Manager and, optionally, by instructors and/or DEOs

Reporting/Analysis Tool can be run by faculty and staff from any internet session on any machine, on or off campus:

  • Flexible grouping of data for analysis by any survey parameter
  • Flexible filtering of data to focus on subset of data collected
  • Many types of statistics
  • Cross-tab reports