ECS Articles: What and Why

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3231 Rebuild This computer classroom was rebuilt with new tables and chairs, lecturn, projector, and power to the middle of the room. (8/14)

New Wireless Service in SC ITS replaced and added wireless access points in July.  (8/14)

1245 New Floor and More Photos and more about changes in 1245 over the summer. (6/14)

Summer Projects and Summer Staff Meet the students helping with ECS projects this summer. (6/14)

Data Manager: what Carrie Hogarty does. Have you ever wondered? (7/13)

IT survey conducted in 2012. This is the 3rd IT survey by ITS. Results from the College of Engineering are similar to previous IT surveys. (1/13)

IT survey conducted in 2011 Results of the 2nd IT campus-wide survey by ITS. Where people were critical of ECS or our services, we have responded. (4/12)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), the virtual machines that make the VDI possible, and a description of how virtualizations works. (3/12)

Networking in SC (January 2012) The10x network speed upgrade that we began before classes started in fall 2011 and was completed in January 2012.  Includes details of the network switches, the network design, and how the network infrastructure ties together in the Seamans Center. (1/12)