Video Tutorials Available

For some people, watching a video tutorial is more satisfying or instructive than reading instructions. The Engineering Help Desk has created a few tutorials to illustrate commonly requested help.

The consultants who made the videos used Camtasia software, which is now available on the ECS-managed machines. You can watch tutorials on how to install the VDI client or Lync, use Webprint, the VPNRemote Desktop, NX (NOMACHINE), or Previous Version. The tutorials are linked on the web pages that include the written instructions for the software, so you can watch and read to learn how to accomplish a task. Where you see the video tutorial available icon, there is a tutorial on that page. The actual tutorial that you view is marked with the click for video tutorial icon.

As we add video tutorials to web pages, we will note those pages in the “New and Updated Web Pages” section of the ECS home page.

If you would like us to create a tutorial or have a comment about a video, please send us that information by commenting on this article. Or send email.