(Beginning in 2012, ECS articles replaced the newsletter. Find current information by reading those articles.)

Essentials was the ECS on-line newsletter that gathered current news and topics, as well as helpful tips and computer information, into a published document.  Listed below are the table of contents of each issue, all of which are in PDF format. 

Note - Because Essentials newsletters are posted in .pdf form, you must have a PDF reader installed.

April 2012 - 1026 Kb - Networking Upgrade in SC; VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure); ETCetra; Results for the Campus IT Survey in 2011

May 2011 - 457 Kb - Change to UI Wireless; Bongo - Bus ON the GO; Where to Change Your Password; Creating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI); Results of Campus IT Survey

November 2010 - 319 Kb - New Password Policy; PGI Fortran Compiler; Quiz; VPN/Connect2 Information and Changes; Answers; Why Engineers Should Care about Social Media; SSN Scanning; ANSYS Tutorials

September 2010 - 1098 Kb - New Green Monitors in SC; Retrospect is Back(up); ICON Training; Henry Electronic Classroom Upgrade

April 2010 - 317 Kb - Changes Coming in 1245 SC; Mathematica Documentation; MATLAB and Simulink Training; Security - Some Best Practices

February 2010 - 433 Kb - What It Takes to Build a Lab (Space, Alarm Design, Infrared Camera), Rejected Email, Weekly Reboot

December 2009 - 185 Kb - New EASY Reports, Email Quotas & Security, Motion Detectors in SC, Connect2 & Remote Desktop

September 2009 - 378 Kb - Connect2 VPN Service; Student Abaqus Download; 2301 Lab Opens; NX Connection to Linux Policy Change; MATLAB Seminars at UI

June 2009 - 380 Kb - Patching Policy; July 3 Downtime; New Password Tool; Home Directory Path Change; Training on Campus; Conference Room Computers; IE8; Wolfram|Alpha