(Beginning in 2012, ECS articles replace the newsletter. Find current information by reading articles.)

Essentials was the ECS on-line newsletter that put current news and topics, as well as helpful tips and computer information, all in one place. The tips and information are centered on what ECS is currently doing to upgrade the computer network, or help with current issues or problems. Listed below are the table of contents of each issue, all of which are in PDF format. 

Note - Because Essentials newsletters are posted in .pdf form, you must have a PDF reader installed.

April 2012 - 1026 Kb - Networking Upgrade in SC; VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure); ETCetra; Results for the Campus IT Survey in 2011

May 2011 - 457 Kb - Change to UI Wireless; Bongo - Bus ON the GO; Where to Change Your Password; Creating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI); Results of Campus IT Survey

November 2010 - 319 Kb - New Password Policy; PGI Fortran Compiler; Quiz; VPN/Connect2 Information and Changes; Answers; Why Engineers Should Care about Social Media; SSN Scanning; ANSYS Tutorials

September 2010 - 1098 Kb - New Green Monitors in SC; Retrospect is Back(up); ICON Training; Henry Electronic Classroom Upgrade

April 2010 - 317 Kb - Changes Coming in 1245 SC; Mathematica Documentation; MATLAB and Simulink Training; Security - Some Best Practices

February 2010 - 433 Kb - What It Takes to Build a Lab (Space, Alarm Design, Infrared Camera), Rejected Email, Weekly Reboot

December 2009 - 185 Kb - New EASY Reports, Email Quotas & Security, Motion Detectors in SC, Connect2 & Remote Desktop

September 2009 - 378 Kb - Connect2 VPN Service; Student Abaqus Download; 2301 Lab Opens; NX Connection to Linux Policy Change; MATLAB Seminars at UI

June 2009 - 380 Kb - Patching Policy; July 3 Downtime; New Password Tool; Home Directory Path Change; Training on Campus; Conference Room Computers; IE8; Wolfram|Alpha