Firefox v.29.0.1 Fixes Blank PDF Pages

The new 29.0.1 version of Firefox fixes the problem with PDF pages that got printed as blank pages. If your machine is administered and Firefox was not running last night, you have the update. To update on your own, close Firefox and go to the Symantec Management Agent in the system tray. On the Software Deliver tab, you'll see that Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1 is Not compliant... Highlight Mozilla FIrefox 29.0.1, which makes it show up as the Application Task in the left column. Click on that Firefox link and version  29.0.1 will be installed.

On managed computers, if you click on the pop-up that Firefox offers to update to the new versoin, Firefox will not get updated. You must use Symantec, as described above.

This new version of Firefox has been modified so that you will not get the pop-ups that you cannot respond to about a new version being available.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 8:45am
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