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ECS Computer Labs

Elder and Hering Labs, 1231 and 1220 SC


The Hering lab, 1220 SC, and Elder lab, 1231 SC, are on the first floor of the Seamans Center. Together those labs have Windows and Linux computers, color scanners connected to Windows computers,and two laser printers (ptrcss00, 01, 2, and 03) for printing output from Linux or Windows applications. The color LaserJet printer, ptrcss10, is in Elder lab. Both labs are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week except when closed for cleaning or maintenance. Although the labs are open all the time, the building is not and you will need an access card, available in 1256SC, to enter the building.

2301 SC Lab

The 2301 lab is just off the south entrance to the Seamans Center. There are Windows and Linux computers, and a laser printer (ptrcss05) in that lab. The lab is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, except when closed for cleaning or maintenance. The entry door is held open magnetically from 7:30am-5:30pm Monday through Friday. If the door is not open and the key reader is red, enter the room using your SC access card, available in 1256 SC.

1245 SC Classroom

video tutorialThe 1245 SC classroom  has 46 Windows computers, 45 for students and 1 for the instructor. When that room is not used by a scheduled class, it can be used as computer lab space by any Engineering computer account holder. See the equipment and use policy, the reservation form, and the current semester's room schedule.

Lab Use Guidelines

The Computer Lab Use Guidelines describe how you can make the lab a productive place to work.


If you lose or find something in the Elder, Hering, 1245 classroom, or 2301 labs, please report or bring the item to the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC.

There is also a Lost and Found in the Student Development Center, 3124 SC.

Computers in SC Classrooms

The general assignment classrooms in SC -- 1505, 2133, 2217, 2229, 3026, 3315, 3321, 3505, and 4030 -- have Windows computers and ceiling-mounted projectors. (The 70-seat classrooms -- 2217, 2229, and 3505 -- have 2 ceiling-mounted projectors.) The computers at the front of these rooms are in the Iowa domain, which requires using your HawkID. For information about logging in and what software you have access to, read about classroom login. Look at the UI classroom site for pictures and details about the general assignment classrooms in SC.

These rooms also have a plug so that a laptop can be connected and its screen displayed from the ceiling-mounted projector.

There are Linux laptops available for use in 2217, 2229, and 3505. Read the laptop use policy and information about how to use them. The Linux laptops must be reserved for class use.

Computers in SC Conference Rooms

The 3111, 3210, 3220, and 4511 conference rooms have Windows computers and ceiling-mounted projectors. The computers in 3210, 3220, and 4511 are secured in a locked podium. Use the USB cable to connect a USB flash (thumb) drive. All of these computers are in the Engin domain. You can login using your engineering account and password, which gives you access to your home directory files and the lab load of engineering software.

You can also login to the local computer if you do not have an Engineering account or prefer not to use your personal account on public computers. Instructions for doing so are in each conference room. You have access to all the software installed locally on the computer, which includes most of the standard engineering software.

Room 4504 has a projector; you must provide your own computer.

Video Conference Facilities

There are two video conference rooms in the Seamans Center, 2228 and 3220, have video conference equipment; contact the Facility Manager to reserve these rooms.