NoMachine for Macintosh - Running Remote Linux Sessions

As of 4/10/14

NoMachine has been removed because of the OpenSSL exploit. For the same but better functionality, use FastX.

To use the graphical interface to the multi-user Linux workstations L-LNX000-L-LNX059 from a Macintosh, download and then install the NX client from NoMachine.

To us off-campus, you must first be authorized for our network by connecting to our VPN. Click here for instructions.


NoMachine download for Mac

Download the NoMachine client, then run the installer.


The first time you run the NoMachine client, you will have to add a session. Name the session something that describes it in some meaningful way. In the example below, it is named "engineering-desktop". Select the SSH protocol (marked by an arrow) and enter the host. selects any of the available machines. specifies one of the six Linux machines available remotely. Then click the Advanced button. NX-Macintosh create connection settings You will get to the screen shown on which you must change the setting to Use the NoMachine login.Mac NoMachine use nomachine login

Finally you will be prompted to allow the host authenticity. Select Yes to continue.


After you complete a session, be sure to log out.


For help using the Macintosh NoMachine client, please talk to the consultant at the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC, 319-335-5055.