NoMachine for Windows-- Running Remote Linux Sessions

As of 4/10/14

NoMachine has been removed because of the OpenSSL exploit. For the same but better functionality, use FastX.

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To use the graphical interface to the multi-user Linux workstations L-LNX000-L-LNX059, use the NoMachine client from a Windows computer to make that connection.

On Windows computers in the Elder, Hering, 1245 SC, or 2301 SC labs, find the NoMachine client by typing NoMachine in the search bar or from Start | All Programs | NoMachine. Use the NoMachine Wizard to set up your session. Continue from the Run section below.

Off-campus computers must first be authorized for our network by connecting to our VPN. Click here for instructions. After connecting to the VPN, continue to the Download section below.


NX Windows Download

From the NoMachine download site, select NoMachine for Windows. Notice that there are also NoMachine clients for Linux, Macintosh OSX, Android, and iOS devices.


You can install the NoMachine client without being administrator.

Run the .exe file install. Click Next. You must Accept the License Agreement. Click Next. Then choose the installation directory; we suggest using the default if installing on a computer you own. If you are installing on an administered computer, install in your home directory, for example, H:\Program Files\NoMachine for Windows. Click Finish when prompted.


Start the NoMachine Client and you will be prompted through the Connection Wizard. Click Continue twice. Click the icon with the + sign, as indicated in the screen shot below.

Name the session (or call it "session" as in the illustration below), use the Host to connect to a Linux workstation, and set your internet connection as appropriate. Using is the preferred method of connecting because you will automatically be routed to a Linux machine that has an open connection. To connect to a specific Linux workstation, set the Host to (through c-lnx005), as appropriate.


Click Continue on the NoMachine dialogue box that displays the RSA key fingerprint information, shown below. You will see this dialogue box the first time you use the NX Client and the first time you connect to a specific Linux workstation.


There is a limit of two (2) NoMachine users per Linux workstation. If you try to connect to a workstation that already has two users, you'll get a dialogue box that says "Reached the maximum number of concurrent sessions on this server." Close the dialogue box and try again, either using (preferred because you are automatically routed to a Linux machine that has a free connection) or a specific Linux workstation (e.g.,

nx has too many connections

Connections using NoMachine can last for 24 hours. After 24 hours, an NoMachine connection will be terminated.

Each user can have only one (1) active NoMachine session at a time.


After you complete a session, be sure to log out. (Thank you.)


For help with the Windows NoMachine client, please talk to the consultant at the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC, 319-335-5055.