IT Policies

Account Policies

Computer Account Policies Who gets an account; how long it is active.

Acceptable Use Policy  Guidelines for using computing resources in the college.

Backup and Recovery Policy How to get modified or deleted files restored from the network or local hard drive.

Computer Account Disabling Policy Situations in which an Engineering computer account may be disabled, with and without prior notice.

Computing Safely What ECS does and what you can do to keep the computing environment in the College secure.

Email Policies Guidelines on checking mail locally and remotely.

IT Usage Guidelines and Good Practices Guidelines for IT use in offices and public spaces.

Linux Local Storage (/var/tmp) Policy ECS cleans out files stored in the /var/tmp directory at the end of each semester.

Password Policy Includes policy, what makes a good password, and how to change Engineering account password.

UIowa Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy The University of Iowa policy on computer use by students, staff, and faculty.

Hardware Policies

Computer Allocation Policy Details of who and how gets new computers each year.

Desktop Computer Support Policy Describes types of computer support available in the College.

Locally Administered Computer Policy  (PDF) To maintain a secure computing environment if you administered your own computer(s).

Personally Owned Computer Support Policy describes what ECS will do to repair personally owned computers.

Printer Support Policy Where to get help with a printer.

Resource Policies

Computer Lab Use Guidelines Guidelines for working happily in the ECS labs.

1245 SC Electronic Classroom Use Policy and Reservation Form.

3231 SC Electronic Classroom Use Policy and Reservation Form.

Network, Security, and Cabling Policies Information on the College networking, security, cabling, domain names.

Software Policies

(Academic) Software Funding and Acquisition Guidelines Information on how the College of Engineering funds and maintains educational software.

Software Installation Policy

Windows Patching Policy Policy about when lab and faculty/staff Windows computers will be patched for OS or software updates.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan Describes advanced planning and recovery actions.

Also: UI IT policies may also apply to your use of information technology resources on campus.

  • When ECS is notified of the following sorts of violations, the computer account may be disabled.

  • This policy supports the adoption of new technologies that empower faculty and staff by providing and regularly replacing desktop computers for eligible faculty and staff.

  • Measures we use to improve the safety and availability of the computing environment in the College of Engineering. Several things that users can do to maintain security.

  • College of Engineering desktop computer support options available from Engineering Computers Services (ECS). The College’s technology goal is to provide an environment that serves our educational mission and supports the day-to-day administrative work of the College.

  • These policies apply only to email accounts managed by the college. No engineering email accounts have been created since 5/2010.